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Watermelon Loaf


I’m still waiting for my first loaf soap to set, but I’m too excited to wait and post pics of the final product. *grin* This shot shows the different layers, with a pretty light green for the rind, a thin white layer for that weird in-between area, and then the deep watermelon flesh color for the top. I debated doing the stereotypical reproduction pink watermelon color, but I like the darker flesh, so I aimed for that. I started with a recipe by a famous crafter and then adapted it to suit my preferences. I added little bites of Shea soap to both colors to give that gorgeous “cloud” tint to them. *happy sigh* I just hope that the “seeds” turn out well. *Crossing fingers* I’ll post at least one picture of the final product regardless how it turns out. I hope you’re as excited as me! *grin*

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