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I’m done

I’m so excited. I got all of my lotions and soaps poured that were ordered at the craft fair. I’m waiting for the Christmas Tree soaps to set a bit more before I paint the ornaments.

To top it off I found a handy new way of making my lotions that I’m absolutely tickled with. I used the whisk attachment for the immersion blender that my mom got me since I’m having trouble with being able to mix things. This was the first time I successfully used it on lotion and it came out so light and creamy. *happy dance* Sometimes I have trouble with the oils and water separating as I work when I’m making several bottles/jars. The emulsifying wax helps, but sometimes it doesn’t incorporate overly well and I even lose some batches. Anyway this incorporated the wax beautifully and immediately turned the liquid lotion into a soft cream. It’s so nerdy, but it was amazing to watch. Lol. This little technique helped me get more done in one round and I think it’s an even better product now. I had to change my usual system of measuring from my Pyrex measuring cup to a scale though, since it’s so light and fluffy. (It’s the same amount still, just a different method now. I double checked. *grin*) I had to share my happy little success. Now I should probably finish up my special event tax paperwork and get that paid…meh. Lol.


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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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