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Who Would You Pick?

I came across this on Pinterest a while back and have written several versions of it, although I’ve honestly had an easier time picking real people, living or past. It’s the Virgo in me, probably, since I admire their work or their impact. I decided today to post this since it’s so light hearted and I’d love to see what anyone else might comment, if someone does. πŸ™‚

For me, seat 1 would have to be Emma Hart, from the Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series by Annabel Chase. I devoured the series when I discovered it and she is such a neat character that I could sit and talk with her for hours. I would love some more information about the other characters in the series, too. Probably a quarter of the characters deserve a spin-off, they’re so neat! That’s my opinion, at least.

Seat 2 would have to be Bay, from the Wicked Witches of the Midwest Series by Amanda M. Lee. She lives on the property with her mom, two aunts, and her great-aunt, and gets herself into some tight spots while solving murders that she shouldn’t have been involved in anyway. *laugh* The wacky family tails would make such fun table talk!

Seat 3 would definitely have to be Jayne Frost of the Jayne Frost books by Kristen Painter. Excuse the language, but she’s a badass and how awesome would it be to chat with someone that’s related to the folks in the North Pole?! (Remember, these are fictional, therefore those folks would be real too. *laugh*)

In the fourth chair would be Moss, played by Richard Ayoade, on The IT Crowd. Although I’d only understand maybe a quarter of what he talks about, since I’ve lost touch with tech so much, he would still be really fun to hang out with. He is such an adorable character and someone that is actually more awkward than me!

5th chair would be Father Brown, from the television series of the same name. I love that he toes the line when it’s to right a wrong and he always has such a generous heart. I love his antics and he would be someone I could learn a lot from, I think, with such a thoughtful and forgiving personality. Since this is fictional anyway, I might have Sid sneak in, since he’s such an interesting character too, and would probably be watching over Father Brown anyway. Sid’s not-quite-legal, but very helpful, abilities would lead to some fascinating stories, I bet.

In six would be Sheriff Jack Carter, from the Eureka television series. Trying to take care of a chaotic city of geniuses that have no common sense would leave him with some hilarious stories and it’d be interesting to see how much rubbed off on him. It is still one of my favorite series, even though it’s been off air for a while, because of the crazy, brilliant, creative characters. And he’s one of the few normal people to ever be in that town. It helps that he has such a cute smile, too. *grin* (He’s the current Maytag man in the commercials.)

Right beside me in the seventh would be Vicar Geraldine Granger, from The Vicar of Dibley television series. I’m not sure if the character would be as funny as in the show, since Dawn French is such a superb actress, but I’m going off of the character being just like she is in the show. I literally HAD to buy the box set when it went off air, because I watch some episodes every single year, especially the holiday specials.

So, who would you pick? It’s a thought provoking exercise and if you share, you might just introduce others to some wonderful characters that they would never have known about otherwise. πŸ™‚

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