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Two of My Favorite GMM Videos



I was a very happy Mythical Beast on the 9th when Good Mythical Morning (GMM) had Kelsea Ballerini as their guest on two of their YouTube segments.  I thought a couple of funny videos might help with those possible green beer hangovers.  *grin*  They both have a country flavor, but I think they’d be hilarious even if I wasn’t a country fan.


If you aren’t familiar with their channel, GMM is hosted by “internetainers” Rhett and Link.  They have 3 segments each weekday with a “show after the show” on their GMMore channel.  They guys are known to do a lot of “will it” themed taste tests, games, skits as other characters, and have their own merchandise (L spoiled me with some merch I wanted ever since I discovered them and I am currently dressed in these *grin*), a book, a bunch of albums (some as singles), weekly podcasts, and two seasons of their Buddy System series on YouTube Red.  They have been friends since they were kids and somehow have been able to work together in different ventures for most of their lives without ruining their friendship.  GMM is a favorite YouTube show around the world and us fans refer to ourselves as “Mythical Beasts”.


Now, back to the fun part!  They changed things up this season and are having more guests on the show, and when country singer Kelsea Ballerini was on they brought out their country sides.  In the first segment they create country songs out of online complaints and in the second the guys take up their country singer characters (a duo named Rabbit Lightning) to sing backup during Kelsea’s “I Hate Love Songs” performance.  (I added the link to the picture of each segment, so just click the picture for a new tab that goes right to it.)  Hopefully these will help you start your day off with a smile (and maybe convert a few more people into Mythical Beasts *grin*)!


First segment:

GMM and Kelsea Ballerini Online Complaints Country Songs


Second segment:

Kelsea Ballerini ft Rabbit Llightning Singing I Hate Love Songs

Bonding by Taste Testing



I’ve researched A LOT about bonding ideas for teenage adoptions.  Several articles mentioned trying new foods together and I kept thinking about what I could plan without knowing what Kiddo has all ready had.  We don’t really have very exotic palettes, so I figured I’d need to think outside the box most likely.


Thankfully I’m a big fan of Good Mythical Morning (Mythical Beasts shout out!) and Facts., both shows on YouTube.  They both feature a lot of daring taste tests and I’ve learned about some interesting foods that we don’t normally see in Kansas.  During an episode of GMM right before Valentine’s they did a spicy taste test/rating scale.  Two products rated pretty high on the spicy scale, The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar and the Toe of Satan.

While watching the episode I kept thinking about how L had found a bottle of super spicy hot sauce on our honeymoon and he didn’t get it, and of course they didn’t have it when we made it back to that store a few years later.  I thought that the spiciest foods Rhett and Link ever had might be a fun replacement and a very unique Valentine’s gift for L.  After some searching I finally found them on the Vat19 website.  That chocolate bar there is meant to be eaten by one of those tiny squares at a time, if that much!  They were sold out at the time, probably because there are a lot of Mythical Beasts out there, but they had the Toe of Satan (the lollipop in the right picture) and a bag of Ghost Pepper Hard Candies.  (Note: it turns out he just wanted the bottle of hot sauce as a conversational piece, not because he wanted to try something excessively spicy.  He got to torture his coworkers with them, though, so they were still a successful gift.  *laugh*)


I couldn’t resist looking around on their site since there were all sorts of fun categories to check out like gummy, gadgets, thinking putty, and crazy candy/foods.  I saw Mberry tablets and got so excited, because I had seen them tested on both shows and never knew where to get them.  These tablets are made from the berries of the Miracle Fruit Plant (Synsepalum dulcificum) and make acidic and sour foods taste sweet.  As I added them to the cart it dawned on me that these would make an awesome bonding taste test.  Lemons, limes, kiwi, sour cream, mustard, and even pickles would be a super affordable and fun taste test without being too extreme.  This tablet transforms foods and adults have gone nuts over how different foods taste, so I figure it’ll be mind-blowing, “gotta tweet this”, kind of fun for a teen.  *grin*  Shoot, I’ll probably feel that way too!



As I looked around I saw a few other items that will be even more daring without being spicy (I don’t want to give a bunch of teens ulcers or something *grin*).  The scorpion lollipops were a no-go; I’ve been terrified of scorpions most of my life and have to turn away even if they’re dead.  No.  Just no.  Then I saw one that most likely made me laugh like a villain.



Yep, Bacon & Cheese flavored crickets.  Now THAT should be pretty daring!  I know from watching GMM that crickets taste a lot better when there’s a little flavor added to them, otherwise they taste kind of stale nut-ish.  Here’s the ultimate test to see if bacon truly does make everything better.  *laugh*


Bacon jam spread and astronaut ice cream will probably make an appearance as well.  Go big or go home, I figure.  The taste testing adventure should give the teens something to talk about later, at least!


While on there I took a little side trip and found my own Valentine’s gift, too.  *grin* A few years ago ThinkGeek sold gift boxes to become a “Laird” or “Lady” as a fundraiser to renovate and help fund the upkeep of Dunans Castle and grounds, in Argyll, Scotland.  You become the owner of one square foot of land, which allows you the honorary title and a free tour if you ever make it there.  Since I am obsessed with Ireland and Scotland I showed it to L to get it for me for Christmas, but it was sold out when he went to order it.  It then disappeared from their site.  To my delight Vat19 has them now!  I didn’t want a repeat of last time, so I ordered that gem with the wild foods.  No matter how raspy my voice gets when the bronchitis kicks up a coughing jag, I am still officially a Lady.  *smirk*  I know it’s similar to paying for a star to be named after me, but hey, I get to say I own a little property over in Scotland and be a Lady, even when I’m in sweats and a beanie cap.  *laugh*


Now I get to wave Scotland’s Saint Andrew Cross flag along with my nerd flag!


All in all it was quite a fun online shopping trip and within a month I became a titled land owner.  *grin*  Cross your fingers that Kiddo will be into the idea and I can get a lot of pics of a wild taste test! In the meantime I need to stop flipping back to the Vat19 site and thinking about ordering some ferrofluid to stash away as one of Kiddo’s stocking stuffers…

It’s Been Awhile

To start, I’m really sorry that I promised to try to get back to writing and then dropped off the face of WordPress. I really do try to keep my word, which is why I often don’t give it (knowing that my illness often ruins any plans). I’ve honestly just been in a bad place mentally and physically.

I’ve had some continued complications from the surgery back in March, which is probably partially just my Fibro finding a new place to cause havoc. I’ve also had a sinus infection for probably four months of this year, now. Three antibiotics and one round of steroids later, I am getting a brain and head CT within a few weeks just to make sure it’s all really been a sinus infection that just doesn’t want to give up. That’s a nice little thought piece to try to avoid thinking about, especially after working for a neurologist and being the voracious learner that I am. Yeah, I look forward to getting past that little test and just getting the results.

What’s really been hard is that the adoption has taken so much longer than we ever expected. There is no light in sight yet, although according to everything I read, we’re past the worst case timing scenario and should at least be in visitation, if not placement. One child we were interested in has been adopted, another has aged too far, and now we’re waiting to see what goes wrong with the young lady that we are really hoping for. This process has taken quite an emotional toll, and although it’s been an incredible learning process and we are beyond excited to get to be parents for any period of time, it’s getting harder to hold onto that bright hope. It almost hurts to go into her room and realize it’ll be around a year probably since we started work on it before she even walks into it.

For me the worst has been that we don’t have her in our lives for Christmas. Growing up with rotating holiday visitations and different family get togethers according to who has what days made me always dream of when I’d have my own tiny family unit that can have our own traditions, stay cozy and full of cheer together Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and spoil the living daylights out of our child with surprises and loving tokens. I’ve longed for that sense of closeness, completeness, and absolute belonging. I know that sounds odd, but I’ve never really felt that I fully fit in anywhere and was always being told I had to go somewhere, or feeling obligated to do something else, or whatever. I’m loved and I belong with certain people, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve looked forward to when I’d have my little family and my own little place I’m meant to be. When I was in junior high I told my best friend that the only goal I’d hold myself to was that I wanted my own family; a husband and at least one child. For me, that’s where my life was always supposed to lead, even if I became a war correspondent, a meteorologist, creative writing teacher, or newspaper writer. I was meant to have my own family and they would be my home. When I had the dream of finally having that family Christmas as I came out of my anesthesia from surgery in March, I was filled with such peace and joy that all that I’ve been through still led me to what I felt was my meaning of life.

I know we will still have that, but it’s hard to let go of that dream, and even harder to believe that it’s taken almost the whole year all ready to try and even meet a child in need. It’s mind boggling and makes my heart hurt. Especially wondering if our daughter’s foster family loves her and is going to try to make Christmas special for her, or is she going to be looking at Christmas lights at night and wondering why no one wants her. It’s hard to let go of the conviction I had that we would have her and make this the Christmas that she felt so wanted and loved, that she would never doubt how much happiness and love she has (will, now) give us, despite the hard journeys behind and ahead of all of us.

Since these haven’t been the most uplifting of topics, and so incredibly raw, I withdrew and tried to distract myself, which left me not writing and I’ve actually missed it. I haven’t been physically capable, but at least I have a few ideas for my business in the meantime! So let’s end with some happy notes on that topic! 🙂

First, I want to make “Grandma’s Roadkill Pie Soap”. Yep, I’m still morbid, but I think this should be great. Instead of trying to do the bacon slices that turned out so badly last year, I’m going to do the Maple Bacon FO in pie slice form, with little soap chunks that are either scent free or have a complimentary note. I considered Apple Spice, like one of those pork pies, you know? Or maybe Summer Ale FO, since citrusy notes go so well with pork. Since I have some scent creation strips now (I put dabs of FOs on them and can create my own scent instead of actually having to waste MLs on bad combos), I look forward to trying some different options. Next, I really want to send a little customized gift basket to a YouTube channel called “Sharuf”. It’s a fun show with an Irish entertainer and a muppet, plus guests usually. I thought some handmade items from Kansas would be fun to receive in Ireland, plus he gives shout outs on his small channel, and a lot of his followers are ironically American. I might actually get some customers. Lol Lastly, I bought a silicone spoon mold. When I explained the Spoon Theory for Fibro I told how the spoon is now a uniting symbol for Fibro sufferers. I really like the idea of making some soap spoons and even if they never sell, giving them in an informational support basket to a newly diagnosed person would be a beautiful thing. So, those are the current ideas spinning on my hamster wheels for my business, along with still wanting to do a package for Good Mythical Morning. What do you think? Are there any concepts or scent combos that you think I should try?

In the meantime, thank you for sticking with me through my journey, and always being a supportive haven for my creativity and thoughts. Pink glitter for everyone! 😉

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