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It was a difficult day, but something cool came out of it. I found these adorable heavy plastic martini glasses and couldn’t resist getting a few to experiment with. I actually wanted margarita glasses, but these really popped to me. I want to see if I can fit 3 or 4 of the new cocktail scented body & massage oils in them. Since the bottles are only 1 oz I’m hoping that they can lean to the back without looking too unbalanced. I’ve debated if I should wrap the whole thing in a little basket wrap, but I think that might end up looking cheesy. I am debating experimenting with shrink wrap window treatments. That should be pretty cost effective since I can cut a little strip whenever I need one, without much loss and being a bulk price. I found some cute little handle baskets too, but not nearly as adorable as these little guys. *grin* I just hope they turn out to be as eye catching as I hope and a good little spring/summer booths item. Hopefully I’ll be posting a cute picture of a completed combo on here with these soon! 🙂

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