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Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

So close!

Whew, I came so close to performing a big no-no! If you know me very well then you know that I prefer to follow every guideline to the T, want everything to go according to plan, and really hate to make mistakes (that’s what makes a disability so hard!). Knowing these little quirks of mine, I got some soaps that were ordered boxed almost completely, literally just about to tape shut, when I realized that I didn’t have weights written down on the labels. The government has a huge requirement that the weights/sizes are listed on the labels, with at least the minimum in it, if not exact. So I had to do a hallelujah dance that I was able to open the box up and fix the labels. *cheesy grin* I know, I’m beyond weird, right?! Lol

In the meantime each day I’ve tried to get a little something done. I made some amazingly awesome Soda Shoppe Bubble Wash and then some Watermelon Sorbet ones. I have to say that rootbeer is becoming a favorite scent. *grin* I also made some sample oils of Lime Margaritas Anyone? and Soda Shoppe (see?! I’m becoming obsessive! Lol). I need to make some child gender-focused soaps and get those combos posted now. It’s slow going, but I’m getting a little bit done each week.

Anyway, I need to fill out some price tags and get stuff ready for my helper to work on in fourteen hours. Lol. I hope you are sleeping well while I stare out at the quiet night. 🙂



My young assistant is paid with little products and I decided to do a little combo for her. I couldn’t resist trying this fillable egg and making things really girly, how I know she will love it. I also figure that I should pop it up on my website to show that I actually can think outside the box for custom orders (I figure it’s time to earn my branding of being nuts). I think it should kind of throw off a casual viewer and get them to look at my slideshows a little closer. *grin*

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