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Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

In route

I got the notification that my new card reader is coming *happy dance*  I’m so excited!  I really look forward to getting familiar with it (okay, okay – playing with and delighting in, like a true gadget nerd).  I want everything to be down pat before the citywide garage sales start.  For any city people that find this an odd reason, out here citywides are hugely popular and brings in a lot of the rural citizens.  Some towns have a great reputation and people from other towns and even cities come to them.  I’m planning on having a booth at one of the most popular citywides, right beside the highway, beside a parking lot.  Perfect!  Now I just need to feel well enough that I can make some more stock to have on hand, fill an incoming order, and play, er, familiarize myself with my new processor 😉 So much to enjoy planning and looking forward to!

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