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Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Cello bagged bath salts


I finally did it! I made the chocolate covered cherries swirled bath salts and bagged them. I think they look really adorable, even though the proportions look odd while I measured to be exact. The shape definitely affects the look of the contents lol. I’m hoping that because they’re small they will be easier to sell. I really look forward to making some more varieties, but definitely need help. I managed to make four by myself, but it was incredibly hard to do them by myself, so I have to wait to finish until someone helps me. If I slightly move my thumb then the salt swirls start to blend and the salts love to stick to the measuring cup, so it got interesting to keep the cone upright, not move, and scrape down the jar with a spoon while holding the cup. Yeah, notice the need for a few extra hands? Lol. And resting them in a cup lets the colors blend or the bag shuts during the pour, risking pouring salts everywhere but the cello. *rolling eyes with a bemused smile* It’s funny what odd little issues I run into while making bath/body products. 🙂 Anyway, I am so excited about these that I had to post a picture right away. *grin* Have a great day and hopefully hangover free 😉

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