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Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

A Little Fun

Well, I got injured a few days ago and put my time to good use – I put in a supply order.  Lol.  Remember that post a while back about not getting any new FOs?  Um…slap my hands now *grin*  Since my drunken pina colada turned out so below my expectations Ibought a five star pina colada FO.  I also got a caribbean coconut that has great crafter reviews and an angel food cake FO that sounds amazing.  I’m hoping that it will help boost my vanillas…along with the deluxe vanilla that I added too.  Rofl.  I got a cedarwood EO and a Hershey’s-like chocolate FO.  I want something a little different from the fudge brownie that I usually use.  I got two free FOs too – Sun & Sand (what a great one for Summer!) and Frosted Snowdrops.  I read reviews that most crafters sell it out year round.  Oh, I am so excited! 

I got a few other items, too.  I got some citric acid powder to make some fizzy bath salts (fun idea, isn’t it?!).  I also got some honey powder to improve the Acne Bee Gone soaps, too.  I’m so impressed with the awesome benefits of honey that I figured a versatile version would be an awesome additive in some of my products.  Super sparkle iridescent glitter has been on my wish list for awhile and I went for it.  Lol.  Now that I’m experimenting more and inspired to make new soaps, it became a must. *grin* The last additive that I am so excited about is another emulsifying wax.  My other one gives my lotions a thicker, creamy, and protective feel.  This new one is more of a soft, silky, whipped, and powdery feel.  Some people just aren’t into the feel of lotion and I think this will be a great alternative. 

I also found an e-book that gave some great inspirations, too.  The most exciting thing I want to try is “bath cookies”.  What a neat idea!  They even get baked! Lol.  This book is where I read about making fizzy bath salts, too.  I’m very happy that when I’m out of commission I can find great inspirations.  Back to recovering for now, but exciting things to come!! 🙂

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