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Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Bath salts


I made huge batches of chocolate fudge and then maraschino cherry bath salts. It smells phenomenal in my kitchen and did I mention that there is actual dark cocoa powder in the fudge to color it, instead of dye? *grin* Might as well get some naturally awesome antioxidants for your skin while soaking away your troubles. I will be using the new cello bags that I got (yeah, yeah, not really new since it’s been at least a month since I received them, but never used them yet, so they’re still new). I think that swirls of the two in the cello cones will look very color and the combo will be like chocolate covered cherries. *smile* So awesome! I intended to make half the amount of cherry, but wasn’t paying attention and used the same recipes as for the fudge batch. Lol. Oops. I’ll just have to wait until I get more dead sea salts to make some neopolitan blend. Yum! Also going to make some spa, as well. I haven’t figured out what else I want, since I definitely don’t want a mess of salts un-purchased and unsellable at the end of the season yet again. I really think that these will look so much better than the jars and will sell better since they’re going to be smaller, therefore cheaper, than the jarred salts. So exciting!! I can’t decide if I like the smell of these, or the corned beef that’s cooking, the best. *grin* Happy St. Patrick’s Day and I hope you all have safe celebrations today!!

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