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Bottoms Up Finally


I finally got the cocktail combos done! It took like two months of watching the stores to finally find some plastic margarita glasses. Even better, they’re the freezer type, so that sweetens the deal as a practical component. *happy dance* I decided to use sparkly, iridescent, crinkles in the bottom of both types (you wouldn’t believe how much cursing went on because those things took on a life on their own, going all over the place!!). I decided that the margarita glass would have four alcohol lotions while the martini would have three. Honestly the martini glass was crowded with four, at least to me. I think that they’re a cute little hostess gift or fun for a party. I think that they will look very bright, fun, and eye-catching at an event. Cross your fingers please! 🙂

I Dream of Banana Cream


My helper said that it looks like I put little bits of banana in there (the vanilla embeds) and she declared them as smelling so good that she wanted to eat them. *grin* I wish that the yellows showed better in pics though. These have a pretty vanilla pudding color and the lemon ones have a much brighter yellow. These embed soaps are more work, but they’re so much fun to make.

Chocolate covered cherries


I couldn’t resist a close up of these. I love the pop of the jewel tone cherries! It almost looks like real pieces. *happy dance* I am so happy with these!



I changed things up and used my fillable cake molds for some of the embeds, instead of the guest rounds. I think they turned out so amazing! Chocolate covered cherries in the back (I got real close to a milk chocolate color too IMO *happy dance*), I Dream of Banana Cream there in the front, and Lemon Bar are to the left. I totally love them! I made up some fudge brownie and strawberry jam cubes to dice for embedding, so bring on the neapolitan. *grin* And I must mention that the kitchen smells amazing!!

Bloody Brilliant, Watson!

Ignoring my love of Sherlock (can’t tell what I’ve been entertaining myself with recently), I hope to fill my reader with the bounding excitement that I currently have. *smile* I am still basking in my happiness over my little Summertime Surprise soaps (the embeds I posted a pic of) and suddenly it hit me that there could be some awesome scent combinations using the same concept.  One of my fav desserts is banana pudding, the one with a fantastically fluffy (and generous) layer of whipped cream on top and the lovely little bursts of vanilla wafers.  Well, if I can get the stabilizer chemistry right, then why not make a soap version?!  A pretty round of softly colored banana scented soap with little chunks of vanilla.  *giddy squirming in my chair* Oh I can’t wait to test this soap! Lol My gaze flew to my flats of FOs and going through my mental list guess what else I decided to try…?  Neopolitans!  I’m not sure about the execution there, like which will be the dominant one or how I’ll get the stabilizer portions quite right, but what a fun idea!  Mmmmm…chocolate covered cherries too.  I think I’m going to be making a fun summer version of my sweet treats basket.  *grin* Anyway, as you can tell from my uncommonly excessive use of exclamation marks I’m really excited, so I’m off to try to make some of these into reality.  Wish me luck! 😉



Here are the adorable embedded soaps that I had written about. Bubblegum on the outside while the jewel-tone squares are watermelon. I’ve been pondering a name, but all I’ve decided so far is that it needs “surprise” in it for the watermelon. I’ve packaged them up and figured up the prices. Usually I procrastinate on those parts, so it’s a sign of just how excited I am about these simple soaps. *grin* I haven’t been brave enough to sniff the lotions…I might let them cure another day lol (does best cowardly lion impersonation)

Watermelon cars


I absolutely love the watermelon sorbet cars that I made. I decided to work on a boys combo to go in the little outdoors kid’s meal boxes that I found (I used the side of one for the picture). These cars will definitely be included. Hopefully dinosaurs turn out this well too *grin*

Party pooper

Now that the thunder storm is completely done and it’s safe to bring up all of my electronic gadgets I decided to write a quick post.  I spent a while during my technology free time (cue groan or even dramatic gasp since I’m seldom far from at least two gadgets) working on new products.  I jumped right in to my most exciting project – the cocktail combos.  While my base was warming so that I could incorporate the emulsifying wax I worked on some embedded soaps which I’ll discuss in a few, since that’s a lot more cheerful. *grin*  Anyway, the first round of lotion samplers that I made went pretty well.  It’s kind of hard to mess up lime margarita scented lotion honestly.  Lol.  I moved onto the Island Margarita samples and was very disappointed.  First I must admit that I seriously dislike peach and mango.  As I started blending the FO into the lotion I instantly developed a massive headache and started feeling sick to my stomach (See!  Every cell in my body hates those scents, especially peach.).  I decided that I needed to mellow it a little so that I could tolerate making these if anyone ended up liking these and added some of the lime to it, which actually did help, but the scents lingered in my nose.  After I finished I moved on to creating a pina colada blend and things really went downhill then.  Oh man!  I think that the candy-sweet pineapple and super mellow coconut FOs are the wrong varieties for this, but I really didn’t want to waste all of this.  The mad scientist started rummaging through my flats of FOs, pondering scent profiles if I added this or that.  Finally I added a tiny bit of Jumpin’ Jellybean FO and a healthy dose of Buttercream FO, and it finally became decent enough to leave be to cure and check in a few days.  The vanilla really helped to mellow the funkiness from the odd scent created by the two FO variations, but I still swore that I smelled peach (bleh!).  I have no idea how I could get peach from pina colada, but thankfully the quick thinking and touch of jellybean boosted the fruitiness without the odd sweetness that the pineapple has.  At this point I was so discouraged, but really wanted to finish and started the mojito lotion.  I swear that when I originally smelled and described the mojito FO that it was crisp with citrus and mint notes.  I swear that somehow I started smelling more of that wretched peach this time though!  Thankfully my grandpa flashed through my mind and I dug out Wintergreen EO to add, which worked perfectly.  (Grandpa often had wintergreen chew and it’s quite a comforting childhood scent for me despite how disgusting chew is to me.)  Anyway, I was so happy to be done working on the cocktail varieties since I was so disappointed.  I’m hoping that the scents will be better after they cure (and I will smell the rest before going near the Island ones! Lol).

Next I moved on to some fun soaps.  I made some amazing watermelon scented, strawberry colored, soap squares a few days back and diced them up to embed into other soaps for some creative soaps that children might really like.  I admit to being puzzled for awhile over what the complementary main scent should be and decided that the smartest course was to ask my young helper.  We agreed that bubblegum would be neat, since the little bursts of watermelon while using and exposing the embeds would remind people of watermelon bubble yum.  *smile*  I dropped in six little cubes of watermelon and then poured slightly cooled bubblegum scented white soap.  I figure that the white main soap will make the jewel tone pink cubes really pop when they are seen.  I also made sure to adjust the little cubes to poke out and make odd non-patterns to make them even more interesting.  I am beyond excited to take some pics and post on here once they set and I can unmold. *happy dance*  I really think that these are some fun soaps and hope that they get a lot of attention at events. 

Although I feel that the main goal of tonight’s work didn’t go well, I’m happy that my creative and random soap project has given me something new to be excited about.  I’ll keep you updated on the cocktail situation (I can always omit one type from the combos I suppose) and hope that you don’t mind crossing your fingers that they turn into winners after setting up.  *grin* Sweet dreams and I hope that your catch up day from the holiday goes well if you have to go to work. 🙂


I’m always amused by people bantering around the term “smell-a-vision” and right now I wish there was a version available so that I could post the new FOs for you to smell 🙂

The new snowflake FO (not yet renamed, but it’s down to a few for me to decide on) is amazing. I am really happy with it and excited. Plum is the main note and I’ve never smelled such a nice version. There is a moderately strong under note of pine that really deepens the plum and adds an amazing complexity. When you hear pine you automatically either think Christmas or car fresheners usually. I honestly think it gives such a great earthiness to scent profiles, especially when a scent could have been really perfume-y otherwise. There are hints of orange and clove, which certainly does tip the FO into a holiday scent profile, but it is so robust and almost sensual that I think it’ll be awesome most of the year (I just have to have my bubblegum and bright scents during the hottest months *grin*). I really hope it sells well, because I’m so excited about it. I think I’m adding it as a massage oil in the seduction basket maybe. *little excited jig*

The Island Margarita FO is a lot more complex than I expected, that’s for sure. For a tropical scent I didn’t expect a top note of peach. It’ll be interesting to see what notes others pick up, since mine tends to be super sensitive. The pineapple really works well with the berry blend in it, and somehow it comes across as a tender scent in some ways. I think I may change it from “Island Margarita” to some other cocktail; a fufu girly drink that requires an adorable little umbrella. *teasing wink* It’ll definitely be a great addition to the cocktail scented line that I’m so excited about!

The pineapple FO won’t be available for order. I think that I’m going to use it to make blends. It is a very sweet and juicy scent. Honestly it is more like a candy or overripe fruit. Do you know what I mean? That extra sweet scent that gets so cloying after a moment that you wrinkle your nose…Instead of being disappointed about it not being great by itself like other crafter reviews stated I think it’ll do great with the coconut for Pina colada, and I want to see what it’ll be like with a touch of vanilla or with gumdrops. I think the vanilla will make a softer fruit dessert scent profile while the pineapple should, in theory, really boost the gumdrops to smell like fresh candies. Yum either way!

Although it’s a replacement for one I’m low on, I’m still super excited that I got more Rootbeer Float FO (aka Soda Shoppe). I got a big bottle of it and love huffing it. Lol. I have to quit saying one or another is my favorite now. I think I currently have eight favorites with this one challenging my lovely Edward’s Kiss for top of the list. *happy sigh* What a delightful conundrum to have! *grin* I hope you also have such wonderful conundrums in your life today!

Bottoms up


It was a difficult day, but something cool came out of it. I found these adorable heavy plastic martini glasses and couldn’t resist getting a few to experiment with. I actually wanted margarita glasses, but these really popped to me. I want to see if I can fit 3 or 4 of the new cocktail scented body & massage oils in them. Since the bottles are only 1 oz I’m hoping that they can lean to the back without looking too unbalanced. I’ve debated if I should wrap the whole thing in a little basket wrap, but I think that might end up looking cheesy. I am debating experimenting with shrink wrap window treatments. That should be pretty cost effective since I can cut a little strip whenever I need one, without much loss and being a bulk price. I found some cute little handle baskets too, but not nearly as adorable as these little guys. *grin* I just hope they turn out to be as eye catching as I hope and a good little spring/summer booths item. Hopefully I’ll be posting a cute picture of a completed combo on here with these soon! 🙂

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