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Daily Archives: October 9, 2012

Cookie Sandwich Soaps

I’ve been playing with the idea of experimenting at cookie sandwich soaps. I’d make two guest rounds as cookies (flat shape like an Oreo instead of regular chocolate chip) and adding a bath whip as the filling. I would probably then package in little gift bags. I thought of making different cream colors and even doing a few macaroon-like coloring, so a few pink, etc. I have a Ho Ho FO which I thought might be good for this, tying in the cookie and cream concept.

I also have been debating on snowmen being my key promotion at the craft event. I thought of doing red and white peppermint swirl snowmen and other wild little combos like that.

Sorry, here’s a better picture

I grabbed the wrong picture for the previous post. Sorry! Ready for my close up this time. 😉


A Little Sparkle

Sadly my glitter soaps aren’t as sparkly as I hoped. There is a hint of shimmer as I move them under the light. It was definitely a worthwhile experiment and I realize that part of it is because it was a solid soap base instead of clear. For the outer layer I planned on a clear pour, so I’ll just add some of the iridescent glitter to those too. It was the first time using this flower mold and I was impressed. They have a little detail and are much better than the candy molds I used to use – thicker and massively easier to un-mold. The *cough* lavender of the glitter embeds lightened even more as they set it seems.


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