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Daily Archives: October 19, 2012

Cookies Packaged and Ideas

I’m going to attach a picture that I keep staring at. I am using the cupcake liners as a base and then I’m putting them into favor boxes. I figure that white works best for now. Last year I used Santa boxes for the dessert cakes and the ones that didn’t sell had to be redone. I’m going to be a little more practical with these little cuties. 🙂 I just can’t get enough of them. Lol. I totally love testing them too! I feel so indulgent with chocolate and buttercream surrounding me. I even thought of simply naming them “Indulgent” because of that, but my other half thinks that’s pretty lame. Lol.

While mentioning names I figure I’ll share that we got a bit silly while throwing names out there. We talked about using “Yippee Pie” as a play on Whoopie Pies. It’s an amusing name, but not really me I think. I kind of like “Sweetie Pies”, but figure that’s probably not ideal for boys. All ideas are appreciated if anyone wants to share 😉 Hint hint. Lol.

In the meantime I think I’m going to make a new FO blend for the holiday. I was getting groceries and caught a whiff of a maple pumpkin candle, and I really want to do a version of that. *happy sigh* Absolutely beautiful and comforting. Autumn, breakfast, and dessert all in one lovely swirl. I don’t know if people would prefer to only use it in a soap since it will have a hint of maple, but I’ll try out a lotion or oil in it. I think it’d be so awesome to catch a whiff when moving around in my daily activities. *smile* Maybe it’d be a good reminder to keep counting my blessings too, since it’ll also remind me of Thanksgiving. I keep going back to the yummy maple with a hint of vanilla and spice. I don’t know if I’m more hungry for pancakes or donuts now, but I need to put my phone down and unearth my breakfast ingredients. I need a full stomach to help me finish planning. I mean, c’mon! At least the FO won’t go to my hips though. 😉


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