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Daily Archives: October 26, 2012

I’m a bit chatty today

Please excuse me for being chatty today. *grin*

I was able to make some bubble washes and another batch of sandwich cookie soaps today. I made two new bubble washes. * happy dance* The first was Banana Cream Pie. Oh man!! I always forget how amazing that FO is and find it mouthwatering every time. I look forward to seeing if it sells. If not I’ll have to use it. Oh darn. *grin* The other scent is a custom that I decided to experiment on. I blended the Crackling Firewood FO that I never figured out what to do with and Mistletoe FO. The wood scents in Mistletoe are sexy anyway, but it’s amazing how a bit of the Firewood really amped it up. I plan to experiment with this a bit more with a few more layers such as vetiver and either musk or leather to finish rounding out the scent of an ideal, rugged man. *sassy grin* I mean what is sexier than a man in the woods, chopping wood or hiking, shirt stripped off while sweat glistens, and his spicy, sexy scent making you want to give him other chores… Lol. Yep, I keep trying to make a scent that fits the image. *wink*

I also extensively tested the bath biscuits like I mentioned earlier. Small scale was very different than full! The mint chocolate smells great, but I’m quite into textures and looks, so this experiment failed. The first biscuit I put directly under the stream and it dissolved pretty well. I added several others and after a bit I admit that I wrinkled my nose. Lol. Have you ever tried to dunk a cookie in milk and accidentally dropped it? They get all mushy and start to dissolve, kind of like (caution – gross simile here) vomit. Sadly enough that’s how these ended up looking after awhile. I definitely won’t be selling these. My skin feels so silky though. *sad smile* Oh well. I think I may grind them down and maybe that’ll solve the gross parts to this, plus the crumbling won’t matter then. *crossing fingers*

Anyway, I’m going to go finish a mini marathon of Once Upon a Time and do some paperwork. Have a great evening!

Sunset Stroll Followup

I got some awesome news today that I’m so happy about. Do you remember the Sunset Stroll back in September that I donated a basket for their raffle and last year made ribbon soaps for the swag bags? Due to the success of last month’s event they will be writing a check to The Race Against Breast Cancer for $4500! That is so awesome, especially for a small town in rural Kansas! I had to share such wonderful news. 🙂

I’m an FO Addict

Hi. My name is Georgia and I’m an addict. I think I need a support group to help me stop buying FOs. Lol. It definitely isn’t an addiction I ever could have predicted. *grin*

I’ve been needing to order a few supplies but waited for a big sale. Last night I noticed that there was a really nice sale on my wholesaler’s site and I ended up spending an hour oohing and ahhing over the sale items. Lol. I tried super hard to keep a little distracted when I read the blurbs about new and sale scents, but I have in on one holiday scent just because I don’t have anything with a similar scent profile. It’s mostly baking spices commonly associated with Christmas and rum. I’m betting that combo ends up smelling like eggnog, but we’ll see. I love that scent profile and think it’d be fantastic as a layer in another scent. I’m so excited. *grin*

I was pretty happy to find a great price on itty bitty jars with attached lids. I think they’ll be perfect for holding samples at events and people won’t have to struggle to get goat’s milk lotion out of a bottle to try. They’re like a quarter ounce container if I remember right and actually pretty adorable. *goofy smile* You know you’ve gotten to an odd point in your life when you find jars adorable…

To too it off I found nearly perfect shrink wrap bags for the tree soaps. *happy dance* I’m really excited since they’re such an odd measurement and the only thing that will look right is shrink wrap. I got 100 of them for $4 I think. Wow! I’ll make some more trees now that I know I’ll be able to package them. I’ve put them off because it seemed really stupid to keep making something I couldn’t sell just because I have a lot of fun making them. *grin*

The wholesaler had mica powders on sale too, so I’m going to give them a whirl. I experimented with a powder oxide pigment when I made the sandwich cookie soaps and really liked that the colors came out richer. I know that the micas will have a shimmer to them, but in theory they will lose the shimmer if used in white soap. I figure that it’d be a fun new addition to my options, especially now that I’ve been dabbling in glitter soaps. At a little over a dollar each color sample I figured it was a great time to try them.

**In the meantime I did some research online to see if there was a part of the bath cookie recipe that didn’t make it to the ebook. I found a site where several crafters had tried it and also had troubles. Apparently there’s a bit of trouble with them dissolving and crumbling. There are a few tips they discovered for improving (with a note to flatten the scoops if you’re making them like cookies – it wasn’t just me that got puzzled by drop biscuit looking ones lol). I will try out several of the “biscuits” tonight instead of the mini test I had done and see if I even want to try to fix the recipe. It’s always disappointing to have something you’ve been looking forward to turn out pretty underwhelming. I’ll swallow my pride some more and let you know how the full test goes. *grin* Happy Friday!

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