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Daily Archives: October 30, 2012


As usual it’s the wee hours and my mind is going a mile a minute. *grin* I’ve tried to quiet it a bit with a good book and catching up on a stack of catalogs I’ve received in the last few days. (Sure I love to shop from home, but I don’t need four in one day. Lol. I’m more likely to spurge one at a time. *smile*) Anyway, while looking at Oriental Trading’s party catalog, where I usually find cute packaging for soaps and combos, I saw a tiered stand and it got my mind flying again. I’m thinking that a tiered stand, like for desserts and dainty foods, might be a neat way to display soaps, especially the bakery scented items. What do you think? I noticed last year that few actually looked in my baskets at any of the soaps and have been planning my table set up to include a more browser friendly set up. The stand would take up the same amount of space while also displaying them pretty nicely I think. I might just take advantage of the early holiday sales and look for one tomorrow. I love a legitimate excuse to shop anyway. *grin* If you have any display ideas beside my slotted organizer and baskets, please let me know. I love input and ideas!

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