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Daily Archives: March 11, 2013

A Cute Army

Worms, ducks, and shads, oh my! Yeah, I got a correction that my “tadpole” creatures are actually shads. *shrugging with a grin* I honestly don’t know if I care to use the correct term, because a tadpole sounds cuter, but I guess it’s payback for being a “spelling nazi”. Lol. Thankfully today’s projects went a lot better than the last few days, so I have some pictures to share. So sit back with some Philadelphia Indulgence chocolate (here’s a spoon – we’re going to eat straight from the container because we deserve it) and enjoy!

I ended up scrapping the one completed duck soap from yesterday because I got in a good groove today and it just didn’t look quite as good to me as the new ones. I have to admit that I can’t decide if I like the original barely-blue or the soft blue tint of the splashes. Either way I love how some were perfectly pliable and I shaped the bejeebies out of them. *grin* I can’t decide which picture I like the best, so there will be a few slightly different ones at the beginning of the pictures below. *cracking up* Can’t tell I found a new toy that edits my pictures, can you? *teasing wink*

I didn’t want to make the soap gods think I was getting cocky at making the ducks, so I played with the worm and tadpole (mawahaha) soaps half way through. I really don’t like how the first two attempts turned out, so I scrapped them, literally, and opted for clear soap. (I had to include a picture of a creepy crawly moment I had with breaking the soaps to use another time – the worm left a really cool imprint and looked a bit realistic coming out of the “earth”.) Since I didn’t like them I put them together and there’s only one picture of the first two attempts. I decided that they’d look better without so much soap encasing them, too, so I switched from the bar mold to my guest rounds mold. They looked kind of cool and it was a total mad scientist moment, so I snapped one of them before I poured the soap. Lol. Now, this is where I pause. I’m usually the girl that looks at the weird and gory stuff, I admit it. I used to read the doctor’s journals when I worked in a neuro office and loved looking at the example pictures. I also love wicked Halloween decorations. However, I literally jumped back when I poured the soap into the guest molds and those doggone worms started moving around. *cracking up* Freaking creeped me out! Anywho…Lol. I put on my big girl pants and attacked them with my stirrers to get them back into the shapes I had originally put them in. Nope. Nada. Ain’t gonna do it. They were evil enough to make me use “ain’t”, that’s how stubborn they are! I couldn’t keep them from moving back to the edges and I didn’t want to totally ruin the soaps with holes from my stirrers holding them in place. I don’t know that I’ll ever forget those things moving like I had animated them, though. *Note – I noticed that my app is moving the picture order around. Sorry! I can’t seem to make them stay in order. Look at this as a game of memory – match the description to the picture. *grin*

All in all I’m pretty proud that I didn’t give up and I have soaps scattered across a whole cabinet top. The animals aren’t as impressed and really didn’t care for the lengthy conversation I had with the soaps instead of praising them. *grin* I suppose I should take a last spoonful of Indulgence and wake the dog up to play a round of fetch. Or vacuum. Or laundry. Hey, I swear I hear a new book calling to me and I don’t know if I can ignore that as well as the housework. 😉







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