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Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

The Incredible, Non-edible Reducers

I am so excited that I couldn’t wait for Larry to come home and help me take a better picture, so I apologize now for the one-handed camera skills. *grin* Tonight was the perfect time to test out the 1 oz orifice reducers in a bottle of massage oil since I want super smooth skin for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow (hey, I am a girl, so I want to be my very best when in a gown and not worried about my legs looking dry lol). Anyway, it took a bit of work to add it to a full bottle of oil without one of my notoriously messy mishaps, but holy smokes was it worth it!! I’m not making it an option for customers – it will go in every oil I sell now! It is incredible! I was literally holding it almost upside down in one hand when I took the picture and one drop had trickled onto my hand. *happy dance* I can’t believe how amazing a tiny piece of plastic can be. Lol. I use the oils a whole lot and it never really bothered me that I had to be careful to not have too much come out at once, but now that I’ve rolled around in those grassy fields on the other side, I know that the grass truly is greener on the other side. *grin* Success!!


Photo Op Idea

In one of my happy dazes I suddenly had the mental image of a girl with an overly dramatic “scared face” spritzing Monsters Away Spray on some odd looking made up monster. I don’t usually go for shtick, but I can’t get that picture out of my head and I think that would be a lot more interesting than a picture of the bottle. I mean, a plain Jane bottle doesn’t really make you wonder what is being sold or really draw you in. Maybe I need to make the pics promoting my products more interesting and creative, instead of just giving the goods. What do you think? I’m not sure on the age for the child in the pic, plus it depends on if any moms are cool with their child being a model (unnamed for privacy of course). I think younger might be better, since they’re the ones the spray is for, plus most of the younger ones are more willing to ham it up and overact the expressions. *grin* If I do the pic should it be some weird, oddly constructed, monster or should it be them spraying under the bed, into the closet, or something else that represents the scary stuff lurking in the dark? Even if I never use the pic(s) for the business, the idea sure makes me grin, so it’s staying in my idea brainstorming app as a happy thought. As always, any input is greatly appreciated!! Well, even more than usual, since really I’m asking for opinions in case I’m still a little too off kilter for normal thinking. *grin* Hmmm, first time I ever tried implying that I’m normal. Maybe I should check with the voices to get their thoughts too. I’m not so sure they’ll be happy with my fibbing about being normal at some point. 😉

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