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Daily Archives: March 31, 2013

Melts Part 2

Please join me in patting myself on the back because I managed to patiently wait until late this morning to poke the cocoa melts. *smile* However…it wouldn’t be something that I made if it came out right the first time. *cracking up*

I poured three testers in beach themed molds so that I wouldn’t mix them up with what I hope to sell. So first I poked lightly and was encouraged. Then I tried to unmold one and it looked like I tried fingerprinting with chocolate pudding. Lol. A part of me, the chocoholic freak part, marveled at how it kind of looked like a really yummy truffle. *grin* I wrapped the entire mold of guest squares with cookie sheets and wax paper sandwiching the mold, and popped the whole bit in the refrigerator.

20130331-220514.jpg A Truffle Massage Maybe?

After a trip to the city to get chocolate Frosties because we couldn’t take the constant temptation of smelling cocoa, and a few French fries for the dog *grin*, I pulled them out and they popped right out of the mold. Unfortunately the cold made them look a little odd.

I have them warming to room temperature now while crossing my fingers that they turn a fudge-like brown again instead of this ashy color. The bottom of the melts, the side that was exposed overnight, is completely different.

After a lot of pondering those odd circles which are definitely not a part of the mold I finally realized that those are where I poured the mixture into each one! Lol. I’ve never seen this before and at first I was so disappointed because they don’t look all perfect. Then I took a deep sniff of them and realized that even if they don’t darken and the circles aren’t what I expected, they’re pretty cool. *grin* I’m going to keep working on my patience and in the morning we’re going to test one. It’s hard to frown when you smell like chocolate and have some really silky skin. 🙂

Gauntlet Link

I wanted to share the link to the blog that inspired me that I discussed in my earlier post. Not only is it an enjoyable quick read and helps this blogger get more exposure, it might just inspire you to accept the challenge. If you decide to, please let me know and keep me posted as you go. Having a workout buddy is helpful and I think that concept applies well to this challenge. If you need help setting up a free blog to document your challenge, don’t hesitate to contact me. Maybe if everyone participating in the challenge reached out and helps another, then we might all get an extra benefit of connecting with others. 🙂

The Jackie Blog Gauntlet

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