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Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Worms and Ducks

It was an interesting hour and a half working on soaps today. I learned that I can only make one Splish Splash Duck Soap at a time after about twenty pours (so many that hours later I still have “prune” fingers lol), torn and broken “splashes”, a soap puddle that covered half the counter (nope, not telling how that happened, I’m still peeved over that *grin*), I wore out a sheet of wax paper from pulling soap off of it so many times while shaping (a first!), and even a bit too much blue dripped out of the bottle. *sigh* I have one soap almost completed after all of this. *cracking up* A lot of lessons learned and I’m proud that I had that many troubleshooting ideas that it took me that long to exhaust them.

I soaked the worms and tadpoles for two hours to make sure they were clean and to remove the odd rubber smell they have. Well, um, after I rinsed them they still smelled like fresh work boots, so they’re soaking again after a brief I’m trying a half ML of FO in the solution to remove the funk. I used Bubblegum instead of the Dirt since that probably would have just made it even weirder. No matter what I know there’s nothing actually wrong or unsafe, and after they sit in soap a while no one will ever know. (Curse my honestly and decision to share the bad moments too! *grin*) I admit though that it amused me so much to see the critters bobbing around and looking creeptastic that I had to take a picture. *grin* The morbid side of me couldn’t resist poking them a few times. Lol. Hopefully they’re just as fun when a bit of a worm is poking out of the soap after some use.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a picture of improved ducks or wicked worm soaps. *grin* In the meantime I’m going to disinfect and then play in the worms a bit more.


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