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Daily Archives: March 13, 2013

Weird “Worms”

I checked on my soaps today (they’ve been relaxing in some wax paper) to make sure everything is still going fine after a few days. Unfortunately I found one of the weirdest things that I’ve seen since first experimenting with bath stuff years back. I knew that there was a risk of an air bubble around the shads in the Dirt soap when I decided to keep them upright and the tippy top breached the surface. Yesterday there was the tiny hole, but today it’s as if the soaps completely changed. I suspect that the shads dried out and shrunk a little, because there is an air bubble completely surrounding each shad. That is kind of understandable and although the presentation won’t be as nice, it’s an easy fix with just laying them down when I embed them and using these for shreds or whatnot. The weird part is that each of them sweated.

We’re still experiencing winter temperatures and I work in a room away from the woodstove, so the temperature doesn’t get overly warm during the winter, and it hasn’t been a long time, so I’m a bit puzzled right now. A soap “sweat” is not pretty to look at, but is still completely useable. Glycerin is a humectant, which draws moisture from the air, so the surface gets a bumpy white or a beaded surface texture. I realize that the sweat around the shad is because of the soak and apparently not enough time to dry out, although they sure seemed like they were. I’m just absolutely puzzled over it having stripes of sweat. *shaking head* Thankfully it’s only the one variety of soap, but I need to do some research obviously. I guess it’s good that I have been waiting a few days to check on it before posting to my site. I’m going to experiment with a difference base and see if that’s what went wrong. Cross your fingers please!

Ducky in the Window

I’m too pleased to hold this post for a more traditional time. I didn’t want to mention that I found some cupcake boxes to try for packaging the duck soaps in case it was an epic failure, but I’m really stoked to report that I think it turned out cute. *time to boogy* Here, I’ll wait a moment so you can get up and boogy with me. Whew, I didn’t want to do that alone, so thank you! *grin*

I found that the tallest soap with an apple hat on the duck is just a tad too high to put in the boxes. With the lid open it looked super cute to me, so I went ahead and photographed it. If needed I could still close it and it would just make the window pyramid a tad.


I decided to swap out for a hatless soap (there’s wax paper under each soap, so that’ll protect them from each other). I happened to take two angles with the lid down, although admittedly I hadn’t taped anything down since this was my first test.



I think the boxes, especially with a touch of Easter grass or tinsel shreds, look so sharp and also should make it easier/more secure for shipping. There will also be less smudging too, since the splashes are wide and the ducks have to be wiggled down into a cello bag, which will smudge the bag and possibly the edge of the soap. I’m going to keep experimenting, but this is definitely the version that I think looks great. That window gives it the feeling of a gift and makes me think of that first peek at a corsage. *smile* Hopefully it invokes some nice feelings for you too. I’d love to know your reaction and hope you have a great day!!

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