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Daily Archives: March 12, 2013

I’d Love to Hear Your Ideas

I’m kind of stumped and would love to hear some ideas, pretty please. I’ll share my chocolate with you. Well, virtually, but the thought is there! *grin* I totally love the Worms in Dirt name, but realize that the shads/tadpoles can’t really masquerade under that name. I’ll forever be confusing customers and myself by asking if they really want a worm or the other. Sooo…Any ideas on a good name for them? I’m torn on keeping Dirt in the name, but my creativity is broken now apparently and I’m at a loss. Lol. Larry tried to be helpful, but Shads in Mud doesn’t sound too whimsical or…well…pleasant. *grin* Off on a tangent I’ll mention that I was trying to decide what pics to use to go on my site and Pinterest, which I still haven’t decided on, and the “tadpole” (can’t help myself) reminded me of a shark swimming around in the side view. Anyway, I appreciate any and all ideas!! At $2 each I think they could be a good little novelty item and want to start marketing. 😉

So you don’t have to scroll to the previous post, here are the little creepers. *grin*



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