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Fundraising in SL

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Since I’ve had fundraising and donations on my mind lately, debating what may work in a small town and with my not being able to campaign in person, I’ve been a little more aware than usual about SL fundraisers.  I have attended a ton in the years I’ve been on.  Relay for Life is one of the main ones I go to on a regular basis and then one for a friend to raise money to get her trained medical assistance dog.  There are always fundraisers going on and what’s really cool is just how generous people can be.  The exchange rate for a Linden (SL currency) is 1 USD for 250L (lindens – currently; the exchange rate fluctuates).  With such a wide exchange rate, people don’t usually bat an eye at dropping 2500-5000L when it’s a touching need.    Although it’s a relatively small donation in USD, there is massive exposure, so a person can get some true help, and it’s awesome to read the stories about how the donations helped.


Anyway, I went to two this past week and one the week before.  One was a Sci-fi themed Relay for Life event and another was a group of designers that got a silent auction together to help a friend designer who is facing some very scary medical costs and issues.


This is a shop during Fantasy Faire with some donations for the American Cancer Society.  I’m absolutely fascinated by this designer’s artistic ways of bringing beauty into SL.  I bought the light systems, except for the rays of light coming down on the left side.  *scratches neck self consciously* I’m kind of obsessed with the designer right now and am slowly buying a lot of their artistic decorations to incorporate into our second lives.  Plus, this looks like the perfect place for fairies to jump from star to star or angels to hover in pure beauty while watching over their ward.  *sigh*  I absolutely love the artistic creativity in SL just as much as the generosity.

New landscaping_013



Then I hit the Sci-Fi Relay for Life.  I’ll confess and you can throw tomatoes at me (I’ll bring the spices and we’ll have a mild salsa), but I generally prefer Star Trek and The Orville-type versions and not the Star Wars kind.  I don’t know why, but just recently discovered this.  I still usually really enjoy this event and the “space” creativity is so much fun.  This year just didn’t have the same feel for me, but I’m hoping it was really successful.  I got a few fun space-based poses and props from a favorite designer that was donating part of her proceeds, but mostly I just appreciated the designs.  There were space ships flying all over, but I somehow never got a good shot.  I actually sat in the diner and used my cam to explore that area of the sim, honestly.  The designer did an amazing job on the detail.  Plus, there were wolves walking around in Next Gen uniforms and that was a community that I am not very knowledgeable and sound like a freak when I try to make small talk.  *facepalm*

5 13 18_009


5 13 18_010




I have several pictures of the event for the sick designer.  It really hit home that her body has turned against her and is killing her if she can’t get the money together to have a special procedure.  With all of my health issues, I cried a few times while reading the explanation and seeing the pics of her avi that an SL photographer took to sell for donations.  The photographer made sure that there was one very broken type, while all of the others were incredibly empowering and optimistic, and very phoenix rising from the flames.  Ugh, I’m going to have to stare at the ceiling if I write much more.  Anyway, it was a neat silent auction and the extra venue they had (which was empty because it wasn’t event time, thankfully, since I’ve been extra introverted even on SL lately) was so nostalgic, although I’m not THAT old to have caught it the first go around.  So Z, no smart mouth comments about my age and nostalgia.  I’m not over 40 yet, so don’t start. *laugh*   It did, however, remind me of all of the Soda Shop Oldies infomercials that still play now, with clips of the singers in the beautiful venues, which I watched with my parents throughout the years (and listened to).  All sexy Rat Pack-kind of beauty.  So I actually hung out at the venue for the beautiful scenery as I cleaned up some of my latest inventory.


First though, I couldn’t resist bidding for a live performance by a country singer on SL.  Have I mentioned that I love how I can hear singers, thespians, authors, and musicians perform around the world even when I’m in pillow city to ease the pain?  I took a moment to utilize their hay area pose to chill and cam around for some other things to bid on.

5 13 18_001


This is the auction area on the left, with the concert venue on the right, which is where I hung out for a few hours.

5 13 18_002

5 13 18_005

5 13 18_004

5 13 18_003

I bought a lot of 100% proceed items and straight up donated to the nearby tip jar, and kept Bre in the praying position, so we could both offer a prayer for this bright soul who is looking at a young death if this doesn’t work.  My practical part of the brain was screaming about needing to save and be humble enough to ask for help, too, but my soul needed that, especially with all of the turmoil for the last few months.


Gaming tends to have such a bad reputation, but I hope this helps someone change their mind and see that there are some incredibly generous people who are helping people they will never meet in person.  In what some would say is just a game.  I’m proud to be part of this other world that reflects all of us.  You can find more edgy pursuits if you want to, but there are so many incredible people to support, meet, and even appreciate their talents.  It was really beautiful to go to three fundraisers within mere days and see the amazing generosity.  Sometimes all you can see is the bad and what needs reform when you look at the world.  I’m thankful to be part of another world that is huge, but has a small village, “we look after our own”, atmosphere in some places.

Cheeky Pea

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I hit SL’s Cheeky Pea’s recent sale when Seraphim’s blog announced it, just to take a peek, even though I seldom have enough lindens for their incredible decor and buildings.  The sale was actually jaw dropping affordable and I was able to get quite a few items.  I got really inspired to work on the landscape again when I found their awesome covered bridge with built in solo and PG couple animations.  I also got inspired to redo the dining room and living room, but the bridge makes a lot bigger impact, so that’s what I took more pictures of.  *grin*  (I’ll try to remember to show off my farmhouse inspired dining room.  I’ll just leave it at mason jar chandeliers.  Yeah, it’s that cute!)  And back to our regular programming…


Although I love the new Studio-Skye pond scene we incorporated into the landscape a few weeks ago, this bridge didn’t fit in with the brick and mossy area, so Z and I changed up the end of the property for the bridge.  We opened up the beginning of our stream from the Linden Ocean *grin*, and then I worked two days on getting the Happy Mood cliff hill pieces adjusted.  I either poked past the property line, had uneven land so land either came through the mesh landing or the landing hung in the air, or I accidentally sent chunks of mesh flying into other areas of the property.  *cracking up*  It was an interesting challenge.  


The animations aren’t actually bento, so there are definitely a few mesh body crossings with legs coming out the other person’s or arms landing in weird ways since it’s not based on the bento skeletons, but overall they are so sweet and fun.  I added in a few of the new Studio-Skye cliff rocks into the wider opening and I think this spot is now just as awesome as the pond.  Although I’d never have the nerve to sit on the edge like that, but that’s why it’s my indestructible avatar doing it!  *tries to smother an evil laugh*  What I really like is that the bridge looks incredible in all windlights, although I had a brain fart and forgot to turn on the lights when I decided to play with the evening WLs, and my internet connection will most likely show its anger if I try to put FS on while I’m blogging, so no evening pictures.  *facepalm*  Let’s blame it on Fibro Fog and skip along.


4 25 18 B_015

4 25 18 B_013


The animations are set throughout the whole bridge, so you have a lot of options and can get some really sweet pictures, or just have a cute view if you decide to randomly sit with your MAlt or something.  You do you.  No judgement.  *grin* 


Although Luke was kind enough to try out all of the anims and was patient while I flipped through tons of WLs or waited for the facial moods to match well enough for the poses to make sense, I couldn’t resist taking a picture when my LeLutka’s Whimsy mood setting left Bre sticking her tongue out at him while his Catwa Neutral mood cycled on.  I have the most awesome and patient roommates.  If you’re reading, bonus kudos and I’ll hit the gacha resale for a gift for you if you mention this post.  *grin*  By the way, you probably can’t see unless you zoom, but I had Bre honor 420 with a necklace with the chemical compound.  *laugh* Yet again I have proven that 140K inventory has advantages, because I pretty much have something for anything.  (And yeah, I put the latest League skin on display, because the Alessa is so well done!  If you want a female avatar that looks a little more mature than the more common cute looks, try out League.  The Alessa version has the sassiest eyebrow shape, too.  But the shading and highlighting…yeah, even I stared for a bit at the smexy pixels.  *grin*)


4 25 18 B_004


As I hit the lavender WL for the final picture for the bridge, I caught one of my favorite pictures for our picture gallery in the living room. Although SL is via the internet, this is the perfect picture to represent our friendships in SL.  No matter how many miles separate us, we’re hanging out and having those incredibly deep conversations that the second life inspires, because we don’t have our walls up when we’re pixels.  It’s the bridge for some of the closest friendships I may ever experience and am so glad I have this new piece to remind me to be grateful every time I log in.


4 25 18 B_002


Today I hope that you find a way to pamper your soul.



Landscaping in Progress

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Since I buy the landscaping pieces, but Z is the land owner that can actually landscape (and, although I’ll never say this out loud, he has a better hand at landscaping as well), I usually just rez all the pieces out in a prim clearing, so it’s easy to see what items we have, and then I can just rez a copy for him to move into place.  Whenever we decide to work outside the middle of our property becomes a massive mess of landscape pieces, vegetation, Jian animals, and outbuildings.  So when I ran across a “tractor” at a spring fair the other day, I knew it would be a fun vehicle to pull out of the inventory for moments like this. 


Honestly, I’m also just a sucker for anything funny or weird.  *laugh*  I literally have a folder named “Funny crap” that is stuffed full of things like a doughnut launcher, tin foil hats, a moonshine jug with animation, zombie fishing pole (yep, a brain as a lure; it’s awesome to pull that one out when others RP as zombies *smirk*), and even have a wearable port-a-potty that lets me throw rolls of tp at others via mouselook.  


So I decided to throw out some home improvement decor among the rocks and then ride around in my tractor.  My odd antics usually cheer up the roommates and always makes projects more entertaining.  Plus, sometimes a girl just has to blast a little “Redneck Woman” and take a drive, even if it is in a pixel world!


Bre Landscaping_005Empowering Bre_017



We took out some cliff pieces, added in the pond piece I picked up the other day at Studio Skye, and worked the pieces around to incorporate the stream on the side of the property.  We still have a little bit of work to do, but it sure is looking awesome!  I couldn’t resist harassing Luke to take some pics with me using some of the built in pier animations during a break.


Bre and L pooper competition_012


Z and I even found a way to utilize the Skye Rustic Bridge I got last year and it works perfectly with the pond, if I say so myself. While I was debating where to put some plants around the bridge, I noticed what a pretty shot it made from that vantage point, so I’m closing with it.  You can just barely see Bre and Luke sitting on the pier at the back of the shot, with the stream fills the pond.  I may not get to do this in the real world, but I’m thankful that I get to enjoy a replication of nature’s beauty.  I hope you are able to take a moment to yourself and enjoy some peace and beauty, wherever you are.


Bre and L pooper competition_009


Shopping and A Little Unhealthy Competition

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Since Spring Cleaning is a bit tough for me I usually end up taking it into SL and organizing or changing things up.  It’s one of the few places I can be totally in control and get everything done without tiring out or paying the price tomorrow.  Win-win, except it can be a bit frustrating for my roommates.  *laugh*


I all ready changed up houses and furnishings in the past month, so all I need to do is finishing redecorating and then I’m done with the house for the moment.  That leaves landscaping and out buildings for me to fiddle with.  Mawahahaha.  (That’s for you, Z.  You’re welcome.  Go ahead and picture me rubbing my hands together with an evil smile, because I so did it when I thought of you sighing over me messing with the landscaping.)  We’ve had the same landscape through fall and winter, so I thought it was past time to get creative.  I dragged Luke along to Studio Skye’s Sim, where all landscaping products are displayed in a gorgeous sim layout, to help pick out some new pieces to incorporate into the home landscape.  We ended up wandering all over and appreciating the incredible areas, as well. 


Studio Skye 4 5 18_003


Even if you’re not into landscaping or have a LL home, so you can’t landscape, I still recommend visiting the sim.  It ranges from enchanted paths, mountains with cliffs, and even a beach area.  There’s a great snow area as well, so make sure to check it out come winter time, too.  Some of our favorite winter landscaping features are from there (and Christmas decor at Real Waves, of course).


We found some great mesh rock pieces and then an awesome little pond scene with a bunch of animations built in.  Although I’m a bit of a mesh snob and can’t stand prim trees usually, I’m a sucker for willow trees, and when I found a built in animation for sitting together, chatting, under the tree, I couldn’t resist getting it.  It’s a little more cuddly than I usually go for, but it’s just so enchanting!


Studio Skye 4 5 18_016


After spending my lindens we followed the sound of rushing water up and around the hill.  We found a beautiful waterfall piece overlooking the next scenery set up.  Although the sun was going down I bullied Luke into posing for a picture near the falls.  I honestly think it is one of the prettiest water pieces in SL right now.  Someday I hope to start our property all over again and use waterfalls as the starring feature of the landscape.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy them at Studio Skye.


Studio Skye 4 5 18_030


After a beautiful afternoon we decided to hit a new-to-us place in the Destination Guide.  It has a TP board full of locations to hang out and even drive or race.  Since Luke saw my new little vehicle, he decided to challenge me.  He had picked up the “Race-a-loo” while at Hogs and Cart Wheels doing the For Him hunt.   So it was a loo vs loo race, although it was a tad unfair, since his was so much bigger than mine, but I evened it out with the (nearly uncontrollable) speed of my little racer.  It was so funny I had to add an antique filter to the picture, since that’s going up on our living room picture gallery. How’d my dust taste, Luke?  *cracking up*


Bre and L pooper competition_005


Although the location was mostly prim based and not as scenic as I’m used to seeing on the Destination Guide, I love that they encouraged rezzing and riding on all areas of the sim, so when you’re looking for a new place to explore, don’t forget the Destination Guide.  And I’m just going to end it here, because I keep having to delete the bathroom humor that keeps popping into my mind while trying to write an ending for the post.  *laugh* I hope you have a wonderful week and get to find a fun adventure that will give you a few laughs.  🙂

Easter Egg Hunting SL Style and the Motorized Crapper

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In SL hunts are very popular.  Designers participate in a themed event and give something they have designed for free or a very affordable price.  It’s a generous way to help new users build their inventory and a great way of attracting new shoppers, since a lot of hunters are pixel hoarders and will shop at a store while exploring new-to-them designers.  Hunts happen all year with a variety of themes and can feature avatar components, furnishings, and even building components.  Sometimes it’s really hard to pass up a hunt and I couldn’t resist the Easter Egg Hunt at Cupid’s Textures (Slurl embedded, but they’ve moved a few times, and my internet is acting up, so I’m unable to run SL at the moment for me to double check the slurl.  If it doesn’t work and I’ve forgotten to update this, then please drop me a reminder.)  


Anyway, I was hunting the eggs containing textures (think of it as applying the picture of what you want a sphere to be – it could be a basketball, a bubble for an avatar to sit on, a beach ball, you get the picture.  The prim is the building block and the texture is applied to show what that building block is.).  I’m really bad about collecting and hoarding textures ever since I started to learn how to build and modify things, so I always hit hunts with texture prizes.  While at the shop I noticed a secondary hunt and picked them up as well.  I was surprised to unpack the second hunt’s eggs and find Easter themed motorcycles and trikes.  I’m a sucker for unique items, so I took the trike for a spin right away.

3 31 18_010



The trike cannot be modified, so I went back to see if they had a non-themed version available.  While checking through their products I could not resist one of the funniest things I have ever seen in SL.  A motorized crapper.  Seriously.  Like a scooter with a massive toilet attached and either smoke or stench filling the air.  I usually try to keep my wording mild, but the usual PC words just don’t do it justice.  I immediately bought it and had to take it for a spin, with pajamas and hair in rollers to make it a truly memorable experience.  

Hurricane 3 31 18 C_144Hurricane 3 31 18 C_150




I wasn’t ready to stop, so I decided to drive through a little hotel.  Part of me really hoped I’d run into someone to get their reaction.  LOL 

Hurricane 3 31 18 C_157



When I discovered that the hotel was empty I decided to really put the crapper to the test (no, not that!).  I hit the skateboard park and had a few startling moments when it decided to autonomously drive out of control.  It decided to drive off the end of the build and fall three “theme platforms” down before coming to a stop.  So of course I had to start again to see what would happen.  *grin*

Hurricane 3 31 18 C_186



I look forward to more adventures with my hand, dandy, motorized crapper, but in the meantime I need to google if I should also wax the toilet seat or just the porcelain before parking her in the garage…



A Hurricane Hits SL

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From March 31st into April 1st I had the most incredible immersive experience in SL ever.  A designer did some very creative scripting to create a multi-staged hurricane on the Asphyxiation Point sim.  I had a rough weekend, so I had planned to escape into organizing Bre’s inventory, but when I saw Strawberry Singh vlogging about it on YouTube I ditched the organizing and had to check this unique experience out.  In my 10 plus years on SL I have never came across the talent or creativity in a designer to create an actual sim wide non-static event like this.  It was truly the most incredible four hours, so settle in for a slow loading page, because I’m going picture (slideshows) crazy on this post.  *grin*


It all started out pretty nice with a light rain and rescue personnel preparing in the upper parts, until the sky suddenly darkened and the rain began to fall hard and fast, quickly beginning to flood the lower portion of the Point.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The winds began to shift and it seemed like rain was coming from all directions.  People began to crowd together as the sky continued to darken.  The lighthouse beacon became diffused by the rain.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The storm raged and the water began to climb within an hour of that soft, deceptive rain storm.  The lower portion of the Point was a scary reminder of the effects of flash flooding; murky water soon stood six feet deep and destroyed the fire station, theater, and homes alike.  Soon the ocean surged over the banks.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The hurricane hit so fast that some people became stranded, a few even waiting on top of vehicles.  At 6PM (SLT) the lead rescue personnel announced that he was going back to the courthouse since he wasn’t able to see much anyway.  His conversation over the radio with rescue personnel based out of the courthouse at the higher level of the Point could barely be heard over the storm.  “…Any update on when we expect the eye of the storm?…That’s probably the best time to mount a rescue…”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



After an hour of watching the torrential rain destroy the lower Point the eye of the storm approached.  The lead rescue personnel reminded everyone to not be fooled…”The storm is not over by any means.  We are just in the eye is all.  But it does give us an opportunity to launch rescue missions for those marooned.”  Rescuers headed down the ramp to awaiting boats, while some were mesmerized by the beautiful sky and once-again gentle rain (yep, I was totally in the some group).   Civilians watched as the rescuers brought back people who told the watchers about waiting on top of cars or climbing to other high spots while waiting for rescue.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



A few people stood their ground and deterred looting while the basement apartments, slums, and seedy underground all became fully submerged.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Rescuers were startled to discover a body caught up in debris in an alley.  The first casualty of the hurricane.  (For modesty’s sake there were no close ups or pictures taken of the body’s recovery.)

Z11Hurricane 3 31 18 C_033



Lightning began to streak across the sky, as if to warn that this storm wasn’t over.  All too soon the rain began to pelt the rescuers who raced to finish a last run before the back of the storm forced them to return to higher ground.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




As the storm began to rage again the ambulance transported the survivors to the courthouse, where a makeshift shelter had been assembled.  With a last look I teleported home.  The hurricane continued for a while longer, with recovery and cleanup scheduled for later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Note: Names have been removed for privacy, but due to the immersive role play experience I felt that the other avatars were a vital part of the event and included them.  If you are one of the avatars and would prefer to not have your avatar displayed, please do not hesitate to contact me privately via email at


Although I do not role play, this was an incredible in-world experience and served as a reminder of how quickly a hurricane can devastate an area in the real world.  This is one of those instances where SL truly touches and changes you.

A Home Tour and the Evolution of Bre

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If you saw my intro to Bre post, you caught a few glimpses of the huge mansion that our little “family” share in SL.  I thought I’d show you around a bit inside, although I just took down the St. Patrick’s Day decor and haven’t done much Easter or Spring decorating.  I started at the entry and got a bit distracted by a sale, if I’m honest.  *laugh*

Home 3 18_015Home 3 18_016

These are taken at the “back” of the house.  There is a gazebo and yoga are to the far right, with the fairy circle just barely visible in the middle of the bottom picture, tucked away between hills and trees.

Home 3 18_014

We spend a LOT of time up on the roof.  We have a lot of table games; with Rummi, Aught, and Greedy being our top favs (we have less than half of them out right now *laugh*); it is a lot easier to decorate and landscape without making spots that incorporate our games, so I plopped the main ones up on the roof.  Tacky and weird, but I get points for creative usage of space.  *grin*

Home 3 18_002

This is the front of the house where I just started decorating.  And yes, this is one of my favorite outfits, so you have seen this a few times.  *laugh*

The bottom is the foyer right inside the doors Bre was sitting in front of.  The door to the left goes to my craft room, which I haven’t decorated since we put the mansion back out.  Usually it’s a mixture between scrapbooking decor and bath/body product making decorations, to make it feel more realistic.  To the right of the foyer is the man cave.  Straight in from the middle is the pet room, which is the top right picture.  In SL you can have interactive cats and there are a few out at this time, wandering about and asking to play or cuddle when you’re within their range.  Damian McIrish and his sister, Zoe, roll around in their hamster balls, but thankfully pixel cats aren’t interested in attacking, so they all coexist well.  *laugh* Keiran, Niamh (pronounced Neeve), Lily, Sir, and Bellatrix are the main cats.  Z and I both own a lot of other cats between us, but only put a few out at a time nowadays.  Through the left archway in the cat room is the massive kitchen I would seriously love to have, which is the top right picture.  Around big holidays I rez all sorts of baking supplies and foods, with spilled flour and sugar even, to make it feel like a real home.

Home 3 18_006Home 3 18_008Home 3 18_007

The dining room is barely decorated, so you just see a little bit of the table in the background of the picture of my library, where Bre has a little blogging area (just couldn’t resist *grin*) and there is even a book on the desk that gives really creative writing prompts when clicked (I found it during a hunt).  The lower two pictures are both sides of the living room.  In RL we have a very “cozy” living room, so this huge living room is one of my favorites in the mansion.  It is SO beautiful with a huge Christmas tree and decorated packages spilling out from beneath, especially if you look down on the living room from the “sitting area” that runs along the top of the living room, connecting the upper bedroom wings.  Through that bottom archway on the piano side is a hall with doors to Z’s bedroom and bathroom, along with an entertainment room with recliners and a tv that we can actually stream YouTube on in world, so we can all share videos and songs.  I thought the upper walls of the living room were a perfect canvas for galleries of pictures of some of our favorite adventures.  The upper wing on the piano side is Sylo’s private wing, so no pictures there either (the rooms match mine, but we decorate to our own tastes, etc.).

The other wing is split between Luke and I, with me getting the lion’s share, since it’s my house and I hoard pixel furnishings, so I need the room.  *laugh*

The left picture is my bedroom, although I didn’t capture my Phantom of the Opera dedicated corner in the right corner.  *laugh* I should be embarrassed by how much Phantom related items I have in both lives.  Should, but I’m not.  *grin*  Anyway, the dressing room is the right picture, with my nerdy pictures along the walls, and the weird square in the middle of the room with the candles on it is actually a pose stand.  In SL we all get Animation Overrides (AOs), which have movements we prefer our avatars use instead of the weird robotic walk of a new (noob) avatar.  Luke has a mobster-ish AO, Bre has around 8 that I have Frankensteined together into my favorite types of movements, Z has a standard male AO, and Sylo has this super feminine and cute AO.  All avatars are incredibly fidgety people, seldom ever standing still unless they’re in a pose, so if you want to see what you’re doing (like when applying makeup or making sure the hair doesn’t interact with the clothing, etc.), you must use a pose stand to get your avatar in a static pose.  *laugh* Seriously, you’d think we all have ADD if you saw our avatars at rest, when we aren’t making them move.  If you’re a new user or planning to start an avatar in SL, a free pose stand is your highest priority.

As you could see in the bedroom picture I have a gallery of pictures as well, but these are top moments during the evolution of Bre, and SL, as well, as technology improved.

Home 3 18_010

This picture I left at full resolution, so I’m sorry if it loads slower, but the gallery is hard enough to see anyway.  *laugh*

In the bottom right corner is my very first avatar, then right above that is a double screenshot of one of my first SL friends and I electrocuting our avatars for Halloween many years ago (yeah, I do some weird stuff to my avatar for Halloween. I’m morbid and honest about it LOL), and the two at the top on the right are praying in a beautiful church I found on the Ireland sim years ago and then a group of us doing a conga line while dressed in costumes at my first hangout.

At the top middle is Bre riding on Nessie while exploring one of the Scotland sims many years ago, with the top left picture being my first formal at a Phantom themed formal dance club.  *happy sigh* It was so beautiful.  Right below that picture is my first dance with one of the Phantom based avatars.  The technology was frightful, looking back at it after mesh became the new normal, but my time at Swept Away with a bunch of Phantom fans was a really fun time, and dancing with Phantom, even though it was just some bloke playing him, still makes me smile.

In the middle is a very silly Christmas Elf picture with my third version of Bre and right beside that is when I decided to try out a really tan skin on Bre (my fourth version of her).  That picture is when I got a brand new computer that could handle the graphics and there was an explosion of color and realism that I never got to experience before, so I had to capture the moment.

The bottom row are almost all my first couple versions of Bre, including the one in the middle when there was a support group for Spoonies that I got to meet with weekly until the group disbanded due to the owner’s health issues progressing.  The fact that you can find other people around the world that truly understand what you’re going through and you can meet with them while avoiding catching anything, or having to try and sit without your customized “nest” to minimize your pain, is an incredible part of SL.  Although that group ended there are other groups out there and I just haven’t found the one that works for me.  There are tons of groups for shopping, fandoms, religion, and health issues.  It is such an awesome concept to me.

Anyway, the bottom right, as mentioned before, was my very first avatar, so let’s compare to around ten years later…

Home 3 18_011Home 3 18_022

Bre became quite the sexy nerd and we did a lot of growing up together.  *grin* Although hangouts, technology, and friends change, SL has always remained a place where I can find others that are quirky too, and all of those experiences are just as incredible as my real life experiences.  No matter how bad my health gets my inner self has somewhere to go, has a place to be creative even when I can’t stand or make things in the real world, and I get to spend time with incredible people that sometimes become part of my own family in both worlds.  I’m truly blessed to get to have these adventures, but most especially to have found some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  And, since I can’t stand to end with being mushy, I get to admire the smexy pixel version of the girl inside my mind.  Especially her tush in jeans from Just Because. I have a total pixel crush on this latest version of Bre. *grin*

Also, I avoid specific religious comments usually (even more than political), but want to wish those that celebrate a blessed Easter. To those that prefer to celebrate April Fools Day, I wish you happy pranking. 🙂

Wandering in SL

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An adorable lace dress was blogged about on one of my favorite SL blogs, FabFree, the other day.  I couldn’t resist wearing it while wandering the grid on my own the other night, when I couldn’t sleep and needed a distraction from my Fibro flare.  Although I went with the bohemian barefoot feeling, I want to try it out with a country twist to it.  If it looks bad, no one will ever know thankfully.  *laugh*


Bre and L 3 23 18_110b

I discovered a new-to-me pose shop with an incredible sim for photography, so I couldn’t resist a pic with the sweet, lightly moss covered, couples statue.  If you get a chance to check out Luane’s World, I totally recommend it.  When I saw Love’s picture taken here when she blogged about the dress (she’s one of the main FabFree bloggers), I had to see this sim for myself.  Her picture was way prettier, but I’m learning and now that I know about such a gorgeous place, I will be wandering around the sim whenever I want a pretty nature scene.


Bre and L 3 23 18_131

This windlight (WL) is a little darker, which added to the fairy tale feeling in my opinion.  Believe it or not, this incredible scene is actually part of the wooded pathway that Z and I worked on!  We both really like to landscape, although I get antsy to change it up a lot more often than he would prefer, I’m sure.  *grin* It’s hard to change it now, because it is so dang amazing!  I can’t help but totally cheese over how awesome our project turned out.


Bre and L 3 23 18_109

Although I was using an evening WL, and the dress texture distorted due to the pose, it still turned out so pretty that I had to share it.  Again, this is part of our own landscape!


Bre and L 3 23 18_141Bre and L 3 23 18_147

I have so many hairstyles from Truth that I had to see what another one would look like and think this one is even prettier in this instance.  I finally put out this adorable enchanting landscaping scene that came in this month’s DecoCrate, with lit butterflies and soft lights draped from the tree, and mushrooms, grass, and a sleeping deer (not pictured).  I decided to make the bottom picture my desktop wallpaper for Easter.  Since I realized that I had cut out the sweet deer, I got back on and took another picture, which is why I’m in a little sundress and have my Celtic tattoo arm bands.  Sorry for the lack of continuity!

Bre and L 3 23 18_167

I just love this little landscaping piece, so I think when I change up the landscape this will get added to the fairy circle area.  I may be a tough smart aleck, but I have my mushy moments, especially if it has to do with anything Celtic or fairy related.  I blame it on my Irish ancestry.  *grin*


I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of my “other life”.  If any readers are SL users that would like credits, then please let me know and I’ll go back to listing and linking.  On the flip side, if y’all are getting tired of seeing gaming, let me know and I’ll cut back on the sharing.  Since we meet with our social worker on Friday hopefully there’ll be some updates on our adoption journey soon!  *crossing fingers*  If you’re inclined, prayers for progress and in finding Kiddo are appreciated more than words can convey.  In the meantime, I’m hoping I feel inspired and motivated enough to finish updating the website.  I’m honestly so fixated on all my thoughts and hopes for the adoption that my attention seldom lands on my products, unfortunately.  Hopefully we get good news, I can actually stop catching viruses for a bit, and then I can gather up a few spoons-worth to let my creativity come back out to play, since I truly do want to work on the Monster Line.  I wrote it and finishing updating my website down on my to-do spreadsheet (yep, still making the spreadsheets lol), so it’s in writing that I will put my mad scientist gear back on and get back to some fun options for pampering!  🙂

Meet Luke

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I’ve been needing some distraction from real life lately and have overworked my body trying to clean (and get over the continual cycle of getting viruses lol), so I’ve been on the computer a lot lately.  Naturally that means I’ve been on SL a lot lately, since there are so many things to do, especially now that I know about the fun of photography and windlights.  Therefore I’ve had more time to spend with my roommates; Zilch, Sylo, and Luke.  Since Luke can be on a lot I’ve been dragging him around to try out my new photography goodies.


A while back we got partnered on SL (the SL version of married, although they usually last a hot minute and are over lol).  We’re in committed relationships in RL and flirting makes us both uncomfortable, so it seemed like a perfect solution.  We can hang out, take cute or romantic pics without it being questionable, and I get to tell him what to wear.  (Sometimes that would be nice to be able to do in RL, right?  Sometimes you can’t help but raise a brow and wonder if they used to dress like that for dates without you noticing.  *grin*)  Anyway, the arrangement has made things so much easier, since neither of us have to deal with strangers hitting on us, and it’s nice to have a partner to dance with on the rare occasion I want to get all fancy.  He hasn’t been on SL for overly long, so I’m helping him build his inventory with reasonable deals or freebies.  Since there are few male SL blogs it seems like, I am totally encouraging him to post some SL oriented blog posts, in hopes of helping fill that gap (and I pay for my site, so why not share and get my money’s worth?! *laugh*).


Without further ado (and without credits today, sorry!), here’s my smart aleck sidekick…


Bre and L 3 23 18_085

Okay, so maybe we’re both smart alecks.  *grin*


Bre and L 3 23 18_071

I couldn’t resist such a cute shot in the beautiful scene.  I might have to do this one again with formal outfits, because it just seems perfect for a prom-like shot.


Bre and L 3 23 18_057

We had to get a little silly while checking out the mystery section at Backdrop City (this place is constantly expanding and is quickly becoming a favorite place!  (If you want the link, I have it in previous gaming posts, in the credits.  And if you like Luke’s lazy superhero shirt, just grab the *Facepalm Clothing Company* slurl in those posts.)


After I unpacked my March DecoCrate mystery box, which included a cute little stone sitting area with shamrocks in pots, I bullied him into taking a picture of the super cute built in pose of the included bench.

Bre and L 3 23 18_004


If you’d like credits, don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll add them.  I’m just not sure if any SL users are actually reading these posts, so I don’t want to put a long list of details on a post if they’re not useful to others.  *laugh*


I hope you’re having a great weekend!  I think I’ll go bully him into checking out another area of Backdrop with me…

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