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When I start to lose that glow over my products I turn to apps like craft gawker and crafty crafty.  Seeing such amazing, endless talent revitalizes me.  Not enough to get me over whatever I caught and do more than write notes or save inspirations (not even FB is getting attention from me).  I kind of look at this research like an inspiration wall that fashion designers use.  Today’s research also helped me finally find out how to do paint accents on my soaps, which I’ve been wanting to do for so long.  It is absolutely scary what some suggest, like using acrylic paints and what have you.  Thankfully I have lots of immobile time for doing extensive research and quadruple checking everything.  I also read a crafter’s review of how she does an ice cream cone soap, which I’ve been puzzling over since I spontaneously bought the mold.  (Pour the whole mold in the cone color, let set, and then cut off the top.  Prep the set soap to accept more soap, let new pour cool down to the point that it won’t melt the other, and let set.  It takes some finesse and experience, but what an easier way than trying to block portions with sculpted playdough!)  Now I can paint accents on my princess carriages and have a successful pour of my ice cream cones.  Yay!

Anyone that knows me knows how my mind works, so it won’t be surprising that I was simultaneously looking up display ideas for my next event.  There is a fantastic idea to stack milk crates with a board across their top to make three tiers on your table.  It dawned on me that since I’m fun sized, customers would probably not see me behind the double high stack.  Lol.  After further scoping of images from farmer markets and craft sales, then some brainstorming of cost-effective alternatives, a shoe cubby cabinet is now on the grocery list.  *smile*  I can set that at an end of a table with my cash box behind – no more stooping!  I’ll still be visible since it will only be a section blocked.  I will use the cubbies to lie down and group bottles of matching lotions.  No more overwhelming sea of bottles to lift to find the scent you want.  I can also stick the bath salts cello cones in a cubby (yeah, on that very long to do list). 

In the meantime I’m still debating my kid combo contents.  I easily made two $20 combos, but I think that’s probably way too much for a bath gift for a kid.  So I’m trying to decide what I think they will be most happy with. 

Anyway, that’s probably more cold medicine ramblings about research than was appropriate.  *grin* You might want to worry…I have lots more that I hope to look up, get inspired by, and rattle on about. *teasing smile*

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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