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Ducky in the Window

I’m too pleased to hold this post for a more traditional time. I didn’t want to mention that I found some cupcake boxes to try for packaging the duck soaps in case it was an epic failure, but I’m really stoked to report that I think it turned out cute. *time to boogy* Here, I’ll wait a moment so you can get up and boogy with me. Whew, I didn’t want to do that alone, so thank you! *grin*

I found that the tallest soap with an apple hat on the duck is just a tad too high to put in the boxes. With the lid open it looked super cute to me, so I went ahead and photographed it. If needed I could still close it and it would just make the window pyramid a tad.


I decided to swap out for a hatless soap (there’s wax paper under each soap, so that’ll protect them from each other). I happened to take two angles with the lid down, although admittedly I hadn’t taped anything down since this was my first test.



I think the boxes, especially with a touch of Easter grass or tinsel shreds, look so sharp and also should make it easier/more secure for shipping. There will also be less smudging too, since the splashes are wide and the ducks have to be wiggled down into a cello bag, which will smudge the bag and possibly the edge of the soap. I’m going to keep experimenting, but this is definitely the version that I think looks great. That window gives it the feeling of a gift and makes me think of that first peek at a corsage. *smile* Hopefully it invokes some nice feelings for you too. I’d love to know your reaction and hope you have a great day!!

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