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Daily Archives: April 3, 2013

I’m in love

Ah, Spring is here (well, it forgot to come around my house yet, but the calendar says it’s here) and love is in the air (could be the flu too, but love is way more poetic). And I have a new love. That little silicone fondant mold I bought yesterday is my absolute favorite non-techie item right now. Wanna join for a little “Hallelujah”? *grin* I swore I heard it when I tried the mold out today and the soap was set, and removed, within the hour.

I decide to do the prep work so that I can try decorating soaps tomorrow, so I poured some guest rectangles, the new decoration mold, and even a loaf (more on that later). Since it’s just a test run I didn’t get overly creative on the colors and made it super simple. I thought the decorations would look cute and had a few variations in my mind’s eye, but never imagined them to turn out quite so well.

A full view of the decorations

The only real snag I ran into is that those buttons are seriously shallow. As in tip the measuring cup of soap and as soon as soap is near the spout pull up or else they get too full. Almost every one of them has a pretty rounded back, which may be a problem when I try to “glue” them all flat and neat against the bars of soap. I haven’t decided if I am going to cut the wide trims to go around the sides or if I want to use them across the top. I totally love the buttons though. *happy sigh* Here’s a close up…


It’s a little cool in the house tonight (I’m too tired to start a fire and it’s hard to get the temperature just right in the kitchen anyway), so the soap started to create a skin a bit sooner than hoped, and a bit of the skin slipped into the really wide trim piece, which is why it’s a little wonky. I really like the cute trim, to the left of the wide piece. Everyone knows I’m not usually into “cute”, but that trim is adorable.


I’ll experiment with the decorations on the pink glittery guest rectangles underneath the wax paper. It may be an extra day before I post any examples if they’re too embarrassing. Lol. Just a fair warning.

Last, I decided to pour a quick small loaf using a blend of my coffee FOs (Hazelnut Cappuccino and Coffee Beans). Once it sets I plan to smooth some bath frosting over it and see how little slices look. I may even drizzle a little dark soap, in Hazelnut, over the frosting too.

20130403-233314.jpg I almost added some ground coffee to the soap, for mild exfoliation and because it’s a natural deodorizer, but decided I wanted to try a pretty version first. *grin*

I’m pretty happy with today’s pours. I had an epiphany earlier that if I was still painting instead of making my products, I wouldn’t be so worried about losses and taxes. That realization helped take the pressure off and I’m just going to have fun this year. That made today’s pours really enjoyable and I’m even more excited to try using these decorations. *big smile* I’m crossing my fingers that I have something fun to post tomorrow.

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