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Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

Logo and other fine details

Who knew that deciding on a logo would be harder than finding the perfect pair of shoes? *grin* Clip art or a thumbnail of one of my most appealing products? An elegant font, something whimsical, or something no one can ever say is hard for them to read? With head to toe hives right now I don’t feel comfortable touching product or equipment, so I’m doing all of this logo and packaging research instead. I know I’m not contagious, but still! Ew! I’ll stick to the tech and research side today and just let all of my sauciness show.

I realized while surfing through dozens of e-how articles and business site posts about logos that my packaging and labeling got a bit boring and stuffy. They reflect a little too much of the blah side of me. *grin*

What cries out “me” yet makes it stand out for all of the “you”s out there? So I’m going to spend a few days trying on the different logo “shoes” until I find the perfect pair to make my butt look dag on fine. *grin* Can’t tell that I’m in a cheeky mood, can you?

I can proudly report that I finally made up my mind on the creature for the Monsters Away Spray pictures. I’m going for a piñata. I’m going to be able to make it “float” then and not be scary. *happy dance* I admit that I kind of love that idea.

So I’m going to check the Monster off of the planning spreadsheet and go troll the printer companies a bit more. *grin* Can you imagine if we could earn frequent flyer miles for trolling businesses? I’d be in Scotland determined to help the hot Scots in kilts (because they’re all Gerard Butler clones that would be perfect in every historical romance novel, you know) see how much my goat’s milk lotion could help their skin after I helped them sample it. In fitting with that naughty thought here’s a pic of the apron I’m going to get and wear when I’m making product. *flirty wiggle of the eyebrows while humming “I need a hero”…*

20130408-215332.jpg I can use it for a background when I’m feeling particularly…um…in need of an eye-catching picture background 😉

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