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Daily Archives: April 6, 2013

Poison Ivy Prevention

While I’m waiting for a soft set on my soap project I thought I’d pop on for a moment. With the weather getting nicer the plants are starting to green up and seeing some vines today reminded me of an easy tip from a PA for Poison Ivy prevention. Until I got married I never paid attention to the “poison” group. Amazingly enough it’s one of the few things that doesn’t affect me (yet), but Larry became really allergic once he hit 35. After getting steroids a few times the PA asked if he had been washing with Dawn Dish Soap after working outside. This caused us both to raise our eyebrows. *grin* She said that replacing your body wash with Dawn (especially orange, but we have experimented with others to test that part) will help strip the oils from your skin, which seriously reduces, if not eliminates, your chances of breaking out. So it may seem a little odd to people when they stay over, open the shower curtain, and among a ton of tester items they find a big bottle of Dawn on the shelf, but he hasn’t had another steroid shot for five years. There have been small break outs, but usually because he was out so long before he showered. Anyway, I wanted to share in case anyone else out there didn’t know this handy tip, but now I need to go whip some soap into submission (okay, okay, into a froth, but that sounded better *grin*).

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