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Daily Archives: April 13, 2013

Cleaning Up

I’ve spent the last few days doing the small things that tend to get put off and working on revamping my site.

I actually attempted to try to work on products yesterday. You would have had a guilty moment from laughing until you were crying if you’d seen me. *grin* As the heavy duty medications are wearing off I have the shakes so bad and it is really amusing to see how much falls off or sloshes out when I try to do something right now. Just trying to cut the coffee loaf was absolutely hilarious. A part of me actually still has a little self respect, so I’m not posting pictures, but the end of the loaf looks like a two year old drummed on it with a butter knife. *cracking up* I tried to measure out and cut the loaf into pieces, but kept having a “stuttering” kind of problem. So I guess I’ll be testing a lot more of it than I originally intended. Lol.

Thankfully the Type A personality took a seat for awhile and I ignored that feeling that I had to have some huge accomplishment, and did the other stuff. Despite the delays I got my quarterly taxes figured and filed (on time still *performs a short jig*), redid my order worksheet (beyond overdo really), and then started the housekeeping on my site. It actually felt really good to start removing some stuff from the site. When I’d written my list I admittedly got a little emotional over deciding which ones were getting sent out to pasture. That’s all my own issues and know part of it is, again, having to admit that some ideas that I get excited about aren’t sound for my business right now. So it surprised me that when I started deleting text boxes from the site I actually felt better. It’s kind of like a spring cleaning for my mind too. *smile* It’ll probably be a few days before the “While Supplies Last” page debuts since I can only sit for brief periods of time so far, but I’m pretty excited. Hopefully if you’re doing spring cleaning you can enjoy your version as much as I’m enjoying mine.

Before I lean the recliner back I thought I’d mention that I’m definitely going to have to reconsider the cocoa melts. They’re bagged, but they’re getting so cracked and dry looking that they’re not presentable. Lol. Dang it…more chocolate for me. A cocoa massage while I nibble my last hidden chocolate bunny. Ahhh…. 😉

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