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Daily Archives: April 2, 2013

Soap Decorations

I went to Hobby Lobby today while running errands to see if they had any containers that would be just right for the Splish Splash Duck Soaps. Although I didn’t find anything for that I found some really cute fondant molds.

I’ve been eyeing what the wholesaler calls “Deco It” molds. Basically they’re molds with several detailed and shallow patterns. You pour colored soap into the details and when they’re unmolded you “glue” them (with a little soap and alcohol) onto the surface of your main piece of soap, making it quite impressive. You can make a simple square soap into a package, scatter flowers all about, or put a fancy little border around your soap. I’ve been itching to try this since they came out on one of my wholesaler’s sites, but couldn’t justify the cost.

While looking at the fondant tools (you’d be amazed how many things can be repurposed for soap) I saw their fondant molds and realized that the “Deco It” molds are really just these fondant molds. *grin* Plus, they’re a bit cheaper, too. *small happy dance* I had a really hard time deciding, but even Larry liked this one, so I got a really cute mold.


The trim could be really cute across the top of a bar or along the border of a guest round, while I think soap buttons would be one of the cutest additions for a kid’s soap. Larry thinks the bow might be neat as an embedded soap, too. I’m so anxious to try these decorations out. I hope I have some examples to share soon, but couldn’t resist showing you.

I hope you have a great night and a happy Wednesday!

Catching Up

I got hit by a migraine last night, so I couldn’t stand the light in order to post an update on the melts, but I promise that I was (maybe excessively, as my husband claims, although I wouldn’t apply that term *grin*) experimenting on the cocoa massage melts. I really, really like the smell of the melts. That sounds a little goofy, but have you ever ran across some synthetic chocolate scented items that just don’t smell real? Or they are so overwhelming they’re almost tangible and smacking you so hard that you’re amazed that your nose isn’t broken? The Fudge FO gave a little depth to the actual dark cocoa powder and I’m a tad over the moon about it. *smile*

I have to admit that the texture of the melts has puzzled me a bit. Hastening the setting up of the melts by cooling them caused a super dry, and sometimes cracked, exterior. The testers that were left out don’t have the same look, but after breaking every single one of them into pieces I know that they still haven’t fully set inside. *sigh* I’m not sure which I prefer or will use, but I actually like them both.


Despite the dry exterior the melts have a lot of pampering to offer. By letting it sit on your skin for a few it warms up and you can spread some of the melt across your skin. If you get a little impatient (*whistling innocently and cleaning the cocoa out from under my nail*) you can give a quick blast from your hairdryer and it’s the perfect temp to spread. *grin*


The only downside, to me, is that it can take a little more rubbing than expected to get the cocoa rubbed in, so if you (or your incredibly impatient helper that wants to be looking at Craig’s List instead of rubbing stuff into your skin) don’t give it enough rubbing you’ll have some brown streaks until it naturally finishes soaking in. Lol.

One last bit I love about the melts is that even if you need to wash up the oils create a barrier on your skin, so the water just beads right up, and your skin keeps getting nourished for hours.

See, it worked!

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