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Daily Archives: April 10, 2013

A Much Needed Realization

I came to a kind of sad decision after a lot of research and thinking. I spent so much time fiddling with the concept of a logo and I honestly don’t think it’s going to work for me.

As much as a really snazzy label that catches the eye makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy, I think I’m focusing on the wrong things. One of the things that I am so proud of is that I work really hard to keep the price point low. A logo would result in another label, adding cost to every product, even if I fully design and print them myself. I’d rather stay a little boring and keep the costs level, especially when costs are going up every where you turn.

I spent several hours last night looking at packaging options to see if I could find a cost effective option there instead. Um, buh me. Lol. One, if I use tissue paper, cigar bands, or that extra label for a logo, then you can’t see the product, which kind of seems a bit illogical to me. Users like the goat’s milk lotion because it works and a dollar’s worth of shiny paper isn’t going to make the product better. Granted it might get a few more people to stop and look at it, but that’s not what my little business is about. Now that was a bit of an eye opening moment. I know, I know, it sounds so thoroughly dramatic, but I’m being completely honest. I truly want to be able to help people in some way and share some of the fun things I’m learning or discovering. I can totally justify (and enjoy!) wrapping baskets and combos, and what not, but not individual products.

I feel like a lot of time got wasted, but maybe it was worth it to take a long look at what I need to focus on. As much as the bells and whistles are fun to look at and think about, and even exciting, my original slogan needs to remain my main focus, and I just needed to get back in touch with that. “Pampering with natural benefits” is definitely more important to me, and offering a handmade product at as low a price as possible, than the incredibly adorable add ons. Time to get my nerd on and make a new spreadsheet of goals. 😉

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