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Daily Archives: April 26, 2013


I did some intense idea journaling on the next Sunset Stroll (breast cancer event), which I touched upon the other night. It’s a few months away, but it takes me a little longer than the average person to get prepared for events.

I haven’t decided if I’ll try and set up a booth at the event. I never sold anything when I did before, but there’s always that chance that I have improved enough and have gotten some good exposure before, so I might get some sales. The pro/con spreadsheet is pretty dag on even, so I’ll be awhile before I make up my mind on that details I bet. Lol.

I’m planning to order 100 of the heat seal travel size packets (that I showed in the last post) and will put goat’s milk & honey lotion samples in them for the Stroll swag bags. The first time I made small pink ribbon soaps for the bags. It’s a fantastic marketing opportunity if used correctly, so I think that putting my best product in 100 hands is a smart idea. Plus it’ll look so professional and unique in that package. Soaps aren’t overly good sellers and the really whimsical ones are the only soaps that tend to go over well, so they’re not the best item to use for marketing, I realized. I’m excited because I think all of this planning and idea journaling has dramatically helped me improve.

In addition I plan to do a basket for them to raffle off, similar to last year, although I want to do a themed basket that isn’t a pink theme. I know I’m going against the grain a little, not following the pink and ribbon theme, but I think that’ll help my basket stand out more and get more interest. The more people that want it and don’t win it gives the potential of a lot of new customers. I have several full themes written out, but can’t decide on which I want to do. (See – I really can spend days writing spreadsheets, idea bubbles, and lists. *cracking up*) I’m seriously debating between pampering, sweet treats, or light and fruity. All three have some great options within the themes and really show some of my best items.

I also want to make a second basket that is focused on being kid friendly. I’m not positive that I’ll do this one, but if I can afford to do another donation and can manage it, then it’d be an even better chance to get some new customers. If a kid tries my products and really wants more, the caregiver has to come to be, since my items are so unique. I think a Monsters Away Spray, a couple bubble washes, a Splish Splash Duckie, and maybe even a Worms in Dirt Scrub to keep it all really whimsical.

I am so thankful that the Gauntlet Challenge has helped me do some much needed work for my business. I expected and hoped to have a lot more products made during this, but I feel like I’m much prepared to continue improving my business. There’s some disappointment that I can’t show you a truckload of pics and success stories, but look at how many details have been scrutinized and improved. *small happy dance* (On a side note I am becoming convinced that I have the world’s worst karma, mostly health-wise. I think I broke a warehouse of mirrors at some point and forgot about it. It’s all that I can come up with to explain how I am always getting injured or sick. *grin* When I left the forgotten warehouse I stepped under a lot of ladders too. That’s how I’m explaining a cut on my hand from the dog’s leash and spontaneously developing a croupy cough. Lol. By the way, door jams and gravity have a vendetta against me as well. I went out of my way to do some really nice things for others, so I’m hoping I get a healthy day as a reward. I’d really like to make some products and feel good about some accomplishments. *grin*)

Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers to start carrying out my ideas soon. I hope you have a wonderful and warm weekend filled with creativity and pampering!!

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