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A little bit of work

It was storming heavily last night, so I didn’t have the lure of Netflix or the computer since I unplugged them to be safe. I am feeling a little better, so I figured I’d slowly get some products made.

I filled my Mom’s order for stocking stuffer 1 ounce lotions. I was getting ready to pour some holiday scent 4 ounce lotions, but after making the 1 ounce ones for Mom I really liked the idea of having some sample or travel size lotions to offer. Plus it’s a great size to put in baskets. So I made 1 ounce lotions instead and since I had warmed a nice amount of lotion base to make several 4 ounce ones, I was able to make a whole lot of lotions. I ended up with spiced gumdrops, hot apple pie, spa, south pacific waters, and gingersnap cookies. All but one spa were for Mom’s order, but I made eight of almost everything. I have several options to go into the Christmas sampler now!

I also made several oils. I made a wintergreen EO oil that smells amazing and gave a really neat feeling to my skin when I tried it. You know what feeling I mean? That really fun and tingly mint feeling? Of course, my body reads skin sensations somewhat differently than the average person due to the Fibro. I also made a mint cocoa that I love to huff. *grin* I blended chocolate mousse and peppermint EO. I’m looking forward to using this blend during the winter. I love burning a candle with that scent profile, so when I’m really in the mood to indulge and pamper, I have a new go-to. I made pumpkin buttercream lotion in September and finally got around to making the oil version, which smells heavenly!

I need to make some labels and price tags for the new stuff, plus decide on a few names. I don’t know if I’ll leave as spices gumdrops and stuff like that. I also need to make some Christmas scented room and linen sprays to include in the baskets and as individual options for buyers. One extra spray that I hope to do while I have the multipurpose spray mixed up (it is a concentrate with a formula for combining with purified water). I really like the idea of a sleepy time spray. It’s a blend of EOs that are thought to help with relaxation and combat insomnia. I think that should (yeah, I know that I throw around should a whole lot lol) be a good seller.

I have a few items left, but am feeling pretty good about what I’ll have available at Saturday’s event. It’s a great start on the event in a few weeks in CA that I’m shipping my stuff to, also. (A friend is going to be selling quilts and cross stitches, and offered to sell my products for me at it, too.) Realistically I know that there will be plenty of leftovers even if my stuff is wildly popular. *smile* I’m still not positive if I’ll send much to the CA event, but I figure this weekend should give a good idea if it’s a good opportunity. I have to take into account how much it’s going to cost for shipping, especially if not much sells and has to be shipped back to me.

Anyway, I won’t get much done today or tomorrow, but I’m in the final stretch. Now I can start consulting my lists and gather the stuff I’m taking. My prime priority is to get my website updated and type up the update spreadsheets to take with me. (I know, I know. Me and my spreadsheets. *grin*) Time to start getting excited! By the way, any ideas on how to hang my banner at the booth? I still haven’t figured out how to. Lol. Anyway, have a great day and I’ll keep updating as things progress.

Cellulite Rub


This is a big batch of my new cellulite rub. I found the recipe in my spa book and thought it would be perfect with the mocha facial mask. It’s ground coffee, granulated sugar, dead sea salts, and sweet almond oil. It has a very moisturizing and grainy feel, and has the awesome smell of ground coffee. The coffee FO that I had ordered smells awful, so it’s a relief to have a good coffee product that I can stand behind. Caffeine helps firm and tone skin, the oil is an awesome moisturizer, and the combo is a really nice exfoliant. (Pretty similar to my cocoa scrub, but more of a gentle formula for rubbing instead of the firm grain texture of my scrub.) This batch made nine 3 ounce jars of rub, plus a good amount of test product (too small to sell, but then I can use some. Oh yeah!). I ended up making a few combos where I put the jar of this and a two treatment bag of facial mask in a coffee mug. The rubbing motion is what does the most benefit for cellulite, in theory. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s very popular at the craft sale.

More combos


The left one is the kids tin and the right is the “Twilight Trio” with limited bonus of 4 bookmarks and a package of stickers of Jacob and Edward. I only have a few of the bookmark and sticker packages. I’m hoping that I get some interest in the Twilight products with the new movie coming out within a week of the event. I had a goal of a few Christmas baskets with Santa’s Tree Farm and Christmas Wreath Room and Linen Sprays. I would like to also have a bag of the lump of coal soap and something using Santa’s Workshop scent. I’d like to also include Spiced Gumdrops (I’m playing with what name I want or to leave as this) in a lotion or bubble wash, then include the Gingersnap Cookies sugar scrub. I’ve thought about doing something with a peppermint chocolate blend too, similar to the yummy smell of mint hot chocolate. I’m not sure if I’ll get the items and baskets done in time for the event, but I’ll at least add to the website. I just love to look at the festive prints and themes of what I have managed to complete *smile* It’s those small blessings we are suppose to remember to appreciate during the holidays anyway.

Dessert cakes ready to go


I’ve gotten very little done while super sick, but I managed to finish packaging and labeling all of the stuff that I made last week. I think these turned out pretty well for local sales. I even packaged them this way to add to the baskets. I made a “Sweet Treats” basket that has this soap, a licorice scented ornament soap (“Not your usual ornament” is what I finally decided to name those), Pumpkin Buttercream lotion, Hot Apple Pie body and massage oil, and a jar of each Gingersnap Cookies and Cherry on Top sugar scrubs. It’s a fun group of scents in my opinion. I also included the dessert soaps in my kids tin combo. In a little holiday themed hinged tin I added this soap to Ginger Girls soap, Not Your Usual Ornament soap, Bubblegum Victorian Heart soap, Bubblegum lotion, and Fruity Patootie Bubble Wash. It is more of a girl’s variety, but I figure that people could switch out the soaps if they want to give to a boy. I have the lids taped in an upright position with paper crinkles in the bottom to support the products. For display I have the products upright. The nice thing is that the person can adjust the items and then close the tin. Ready to pop under the tree with a tag. It’ll be interesting to see what variation the dessert soaps sell in. *smile* I think the tin with the soap in a truffle box inside, with stuffing, will work well for shipping too, as long as the postal worker pays attention to the this side up and fragile labels. I’ll keep you informed as I work through the possibilities.

Just random thoughts

Miss Ash came and helped me do some packaging and deciding on table layouts. *smile* I’ve been laying here sick as can be and thinking about what we accomplished, since I’m doubting I’ll be able to sleep for awhile.

Between the two of us all 24 bags that include two soaps for “lump of coal” are bagged and tagged. They actually fill an entire holiday basket, so a very enthusiastic Ash said that she will make a sign next week with the price when she is here. Not my style with the hearts and stuff that she mentioned (clarification: I’m totally corny and love cheerful decorations, but not when it involves either of my businesses), but she was so excited that there was no way to even caution to keep it low key. *smile* Thinking on it I realize that I need to not be so straight-laced about the presentation. I am the one that put erotic dice and couples coupons in the seduction gift basket and went with Sex in the Shower and Fruity Patootie for scent names. Lol. So we tried some tinsel garland around the baskets that hold various products (I’m using the metal baskets that hung in my craft book to hold the stuff even now and will leave stuff in the baskets when I pack, so set up is a breeze), I found a tiny bucket with a hand painted snowman face on it to hold my tester spatulas, and bows and ribbon to decorate some of the products. I won’t put the adhesive bows on anything until event set up, since they’d be killed in transport anyway. We made a few adjustments from what I had imagined, but I think it’ll all look really good.

One thing that is stumping me though is my banner. I got a 4 foot banner printed, put the adhesive loops on it today, and then tried a few different ways to hang the sign from a table. Um, epic fail, as they say. When string is used, tied to the back legs and draping the banner on the front, the banner buckles. I tried taping the loop areas to the tablecloth and the whole kit and caboodle slid off the table, including the products that were on there. Lol. It was a long shot anyway, but didn’t expect it to pull everything off. *grin* Tying the banner to the front legs just lets it slide right down to the floor, as I figured, but wanted to honestly say that I tried all obvious possibilities. Lol. When I had a booth with a banner at an event for my consulting business I had a back wall that I could hook it into. This is a church event, which I didn’t really take into account during the planning. *rolling eyes* Yeah, anymore for every great idea I get I have five “um” moments. *wry smile* If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to provide them! I’m certainly not in a smart streak at the moment. Lol.

I love how my Fisherman’s Soap samples turned out. I have trouble selling the awesome (seriously, it really is) soap because it is expensive due to the star anise EO in it, so I thought the other day of pouring a batch into the lump of coal mold. Friday evening I shrink wrapped all of them and later today I hope to label and price them. I honestly really love shrink wrapping. Lol. Nerds like the simple amusements of life, too. *teasing smile* I thought Miss Ash would be so excited to watch the wrappers create the cool seal on the soaps, but she wasn’t. I admit that I felt a little odd about being giddy over the shrinking when a kid wasn’t, so I stopped until after she left. You better believe I got the blow dryer going as soon as they were down the driveway! Lol. It gives an odd sense of accomplishment to have the wrapper cinch down. *grin* Some people like popping bubble wrap; just leave me with stuff to shrink wrap.

I admit that I couldn’t control my gasp when I saw her drop one of the cake soaps into a bag instead of easing it in carefully, making sure not to mess up the top, etc. Thankfully I didn’t like how it looked in zip lock anyway, so I gingerly removed it and will experiment with a cello bag later. I didn’t realize it until it happened, but I’m protective of my final version of the soaps. Lol. I couldn’t play off the gasp, but managed to smoothly end the packaging of those. By the way, I’m looking at truffle boxes to safely package these soaps for shipping. If I box them in those, then put them in the mailer with peanuts or paper filler, and the postman actually adheres to the fragile and this side up signs, then it might just work. So please don’t give up hope yet Aunt Ina! : ) I have to figure out a way to ship to CA anyway, so it’s a high priority. They even came out cheaper than I expected, although I may have to adjust if the boxes are more than my customary packaging. I will keep you posted though!

I still need to make some holiday themed baskets. I got my delivery from Oriental Trading of basket bags, the coal drawstring bags (odd note on those – Dollar Tree had better quality of them than these), and a variety of bandanas to line baskets. “Sweet Treats” will be a really fun basket to assemble. With the holiday patterned basket bags to cover the basket, I think these baskets will be so adorable!

I’ve been playing with name ideas still and think I came up with a real winner. “Anything but simple”. I honestly was thinking of personality traits and characters, and that came to mind. That will be perfect for a new custom blend. *smile* I really look forward to that one, so that I have a signature scent for myself that represents what I think about myself. Lol. Also came up with “Be my baby” for a baby safe item (ugh, probably have to be lavender *wrinkling nose*). Originally I thought of Baby Mine, but figure the song and movie probably copyrighted that line. I want to come up with a “Be mine tonight” to add to the seduction basket too. Once that popped into my head I couldn’t shake it and knew where it would go perfectly. Lol. The worst scent that I can’t come up with a name for is licorice. I don’t really want to name a lotion “lump of coal lotion”. *grin* It’s tempting so that I can just be done with the ornament soaps and lotion that need labels. I also want to come up with a name that includes fairies for a super soft blend that I want to make. “Fairy dust” is a copyrighted name, but I still want to stick with fairy in the name. I can’t give a logical explanation for it, but then again, I don’t have to! *sassy grin* I also need to finally decide between “Ginger girls”, “Gingersnap girls”, or “Gingerbread Girls” for a soap. I’m leaning toward leaving as just Ginger Girls, since the scent is so complex and neither gingerbread or snap specifically. There is all the spicy sweetness, but doesn’t fit the expected scent profile that I have. Any opinions?

Anyway, I have tons left on my to do list, but am impressed I’ve gotten this much accomplished. I even started gathering and packing what I need to take, like business cards and signs, etc. I just keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race. I really need to quit making stuff that I want to experiment on (dang need to learn something new constantly!) and focus on priority things for now. I just need to decide if linen/room spray is a priority too, so I can please both parts. *grin*

Anyway, thanks for bearing with my random thoughts and commentary. As always, replies, suggestions, and ideas are greatly appreciated. It means a whole lot and helps me think outside the box more often. *grin* Sweet dreams, happy falling back, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Flying high on success

After my success at a double batch of awesome “acne bee gone” honey facial soap and the finishing touches on the dessert cake soaps I sat down with my worksheets.

I make my product recipes (even if I find a recipe somewhere I can’t resist deviating to add something more beneficial or that I just love lol) on scratch paper first, then figure up the costs on it, and type it later to go into my business binder. I have a habit of piling up my first draft recipes for quite a bit before setting down.

Ironically I dislike the math despite the fact that both of my businesses had a strong foundation on math. *wry smile* I’ve always loved numbers and excelled in school, but I tell you that Fibro fog has taken away all confidence in my equations. Lol.

So while I gave in to a guilty television pleasure (project runway and then followed with a cooking show) I did the pricing on all of my new recipes. I rechecked them twice and actually didn’t have any mistakes. *happy dance*

I then created item codes for using on my spreadsheets and in quickbooks. Then my totally kicking butt self updated my inventory worksheet, updated my Mom’s order worksheet (every few days she adds or changes something to the order lol), and even updated my individual ingredient costs spreadsheet that I use for figuring up the costs in my recipes. You’d be amazed how quickly that spreadsheet becomes outdated! I swear that the wholesaler and stores change their prices every week. *rolling eyes* I then added a few ideas to my product names list (only three have actually been picked and used yet lol) AND added some reminders to my event prep list. *making rock on sign* I freaking rock tonight. *big smile*

I need to update my site (and make a mobile version of it), package and label some products, type up the recipes, and update quickbooks, but I have all other paperwork caught up! Oh yeah! I may be stuck laying on the couch, but I can still have impressive moments. Lol. Anyway, I just had to share my little happy moment. *grin* If insomnia keeps me up much longer (seriously? 4AM all ready and wide eyed?) I’ll work on putting together some combos. I might treat myself to some Rob Pattinson (I know I ought to be ashamed since he’s young, but I figure that I’m showing my appreciation of God’s work on such a nice creation. I mean, an accent with that body is definitely something I should show my appreciation of *sassy grin*) and make some Twilight combo packs. I have a few more bookmarks and sticker packs to include as a limited time bonus with the three pack of lotions. Mmm, the more I think about it, I definitely think I need to play his YouTube clips of him singing and playing his guitar to give me some inspiration. *wink* Have a great day and fabulous weekend!! I’m going to go appreciate. Lol.

Dessert Cake Soaps 2


I figured that I would share the pre “sauce” step of the soaps. Seeing them like this made me want to pop another “cake” on top for an ice cream sandwich lol. It was difficult to get smooth and firm scoops even though I used my best melon baller. The whip wanted to melt immediately. I accidentally had my pinky against one scoop while ejecting a scoop onto the next cake and ended up melting some of the whip. Lol. Lesson learned *grin*

Dessert Cake Soaps


Here’s the final version *grin* There are a few things I’ll probably work on improving, but I think it’s a massive improvement. It really does look like it’s trying to be devil’s food cake and the refrigerated bath whip is an awesome “ice cream” in my opinion. The bad part is that the whip is so very soft and moist. If I barely bump them, the scoop gets dented or smears. I think I will end up rolling each scoop in clear melted soap to make a reliable shell, but it’ll be tricky to get both temperatures just right so that the whip doesn’t melt into the soap. I’m not up to experimenting before the event, but I think these are good for the event. I did a blend of soap bases for the “sauce”. The teenie tiny .18 Oz of Shea soap mixed with the clear base made a neat, glossy glaze-like appearance. I will experiment to get the color a little more to my liking. When I look at it I think it would be bubblegum scented instead of maraschino cherry lol. You’d be surprised how hard it is to get anything but carnation pink when Shea soap is involved. *grin* The base is a blend of chocolate mousse and fudge brownie. The fudge gave the base chocolatey scent that we all expect, while the mousse has the soft and sweet notes that I prefer in a chocolate FO. I may experiment with clear base for the sauce, so that I get an actual reddish tint (somehow even red in clear base is at least fuchsia instead of red – so odd and frustrating!). I think these would be cute as an angel food cake for children birthday parties or maybe even a baby shower favor. There are just so many options. I can’t shrink wrap these because the whip would melt, but I think my big jewelry zip bags will work (I’m sorry to ramble off topic but the small ones I typically end up using for everything always make me feel like people think I’m a drug dealer when I buy 5 or 6 packs. What else does the average person use 600 tiny zip bags for? Lol). Worst case scenario I may use Saran wrap, despite not being a solid protective barrier and loses scent so quickly. Until I decide I’m going to enjoy the awesome smell of chocolate covered cherries in my kitchen. I go from a wintergreen and cinnamon blend in one room into the mouthwatering cherry scent. *happy sigh* Some days I seriously love my jobby! (New term they’re marketing..a hobby that resembles a job sometimes.)

Oh crap

I was killing time today, waiting for my doctor to come into the room (45 mins on a hard chair – so thankful for the cane). I get all nervous about moving around while waiting (I’m not exactly graceful unless I’m dancing and always have these embarrassing scenarios play out in my mind), so I sat and took a break from my thoughts to look around the room. I ended up staring at the calendar in awe. I don’t have a whole lot going on in a daily fashion, so I tend to lose track of the day. So when I looked at the calendar it dawned on me that the craft event is next weekend!! Oh crap, oh crap. Not exactly the best phrase to keep racing through your mind as the doctor comes in. *grin* I know I looked guilty for thinking it, as if he would know or care. Probably wondered if I stole a magazine or some tongue depressors lol. Anyway, it actually sunk in that it’s right around the corner.

An odd thing about my illness is that one day seems to be forever long, since I sometimes don’t sleep or sleep only a little, I never sleep very soundly, and pain often will wake me and keep me up until I can ease it enough to ignore it. On the flip side, a week flies by. It’s the weirdest thing ever. So what was a month of prep time before the event is now suddenly a week.

So after getting four prescriptions filled I hit Wally World to get the little things that I wanted to do right before the event. We had bought another 4 ft table and a rolling tote earlier in the day, so I am set to start packing up for the event. (Hey, with chronic fatigue it takes a week to do what used to be a few hours worth of work lol, so I’ve learned to start early.) I found some nice tablecloths in a sharp red and green plaid (do you all ready know that I’m obsessed with Scotland and love plaid?), got some garland to lay around some of the products when I set up the tables, and some ribbons and bows. I have recently gotten a wild hair to put a little effort into presentation for the event following reading a neat library book. (You can roll your eyes now. I understand. *grin*) I picked up a few coffee mugs for the coffee combo and got some wet wipes. Odd to put them in the same sentence, but what the heck. Lol. I decided after the cancer stroll that I would have wipes and a small trash can for people that don’t like the smell or texture. You’d be amazed, or at least I was, at how many people slather on a lotion and then sniff their arms to see if they like the smell. I am well aware of natural chemistry changing a scent, but it won’t change it enough to be radically different from sniffing it in the bottle usually. Cucumber melon brings to mind cat pee when I use it, but when I sniff it in a container, I all ready know there’s gonna be some funk, so I’m not going to dive on in. Buh! Here’s your sign village idiots…anywho….*grin*

I’m not letting myself get overwhelmed on trying to accomplish all of my goals before the event. I really have a whole lot of options. The only things I really need to do is set up the cash box, massively update my website, and pack stuff. The rest just makes the cake look pretty, so to speak. It’s still a pretty awesome cake all ready ; ) So I will put the “frosting” on my little cake soaps (by the way, I decided on scooping a little refrigerated bath whip for the ice cream. It has a great consistency when refrigerated that will work great with the melon baller and won’t get really firm like the scrub or soap would.), package and price what I have on my project table, and package the remaining “coal” once my Oriental Trading order gets delivered, since I ran out of bags. I want to make a few Twilight combos and the “sweet treats” baskets, which I can always disassemble if they don’t sell.

Miss Ash won’t be able to come to the event and is really disappointed, so I think I need a test run. *grin* Set up both tables with the tablecloths, so she gets to decorate when she comes in from school. It’ll be a fun surprise for her and give me a chance to decide how I want the lay out at the event. I’m hoping to pack most things actually in their baskets, so set up is a breeze. Knowing how I want the baskets arranged isn’t quite as easy. Plus, I think that my needing her input on how to lay it out will give her a nice boost after having a cruddy time at school lately. I think it’ll be kind of smart to find out what lay out will help catch the eye of preteens too.

The part of me that sees the small mound on my project table and keeps counting the days continues to panic a bit. I’m keeping a relatively level head about it, for me at least, although the spreadsheets and lists help the most. It helps me feel like it’s all under control. Oh, by the way, if you’re laughing about my spreadsheets (yeah, I know who is), I don’t mind. *grin* It’s a quirk that shows that it’s really me writing this. Lol. Sweet dreams and a peaceful tomorrow. I’m gonna go start a list if my lists. *teasing wink*


I pushed myself and made some progress Tuesday while Larry was installing some insulation in the attic. I don’t typically work on products on his day off, but I pushed myself to take advantage of having some alone time to hit a few more goals. I made 6 bottles of lotion. I realized while doing inventory the other night that I didn’t have enough lotions to make the Twilight lotion combos for the event, so I made up a few of Edward’s Kiss. After that I decided that I really wanted a Cherry on Top lotion. Wow! It turned out absolutely fantastic! I’m tickled. *grin* The maximum amount of the cherry FO under the guidelines, which I technically don’t have to fully follow yet try to, is .3 ML per every 2 ounces of lotion, so I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get the scent that I wanted. However, I did the math and added up to just below the max, and balanced the chocolate mousse and maraschino cherry FOs wonderfully. *happy sigh* I unmolded the soaps I made yesterday and actually remembered to update my inventory spreadsheet too. Rock on!

The little dessert cake soaps came out kind of cute in their first stage. I got a dark devil’s food cake color with the clear soap base, so I managed to avoid the unwanted pastel that I accidentally made during my first effort. Lol. I’ve been debating between making a complimentary scented sugar scrub and using my mini melon baller to scoop a tiny bit on top of the cakes to look like a la mode, then drizzle the soap glaze down the whole bit. I’ve been mentally running pros and cons of scrub or doing a small pour of soap and making the ice cream out of it after it does the first set up. I am leaning toward scrub since it is more forgiving than soap. With some force scrub can be manipulated rather well. I might spend some time making shapes with the scrub when in the shower. I’m not saying that I do, but I might. *cheesy grin*

I was preparing to make another batch of acne soap when I heard a crash in the living room. Larry came through the ceiling part way and my couch was covered in the nasty, crumbling, old insulation and chunks of the sheetrock. I ended up cleaning that up instead of finishing the soap. Man was there some impressive timing. I hadn’t heated or poured the soap, so no loss and I can jump right into the batch tomorrow or Thursday. Plus, if I hadn’t pushed myself to work on soap I would have been buried under the fallen ceiling and insulation. I recognize the blessings. Larry is banged up, but I’m fairly well experienced with pain management, so it won’t be too bad. Things could have gone a lot worse. I also now am thankful that I’m preparing for the event. Lol.

One last part before I post and head to bed. I made a coffee and cocoa face mask today. It requires milk to be added to it, to make a paste. I have been going through stocking stuffer-like product options and have been itching to start some coffee products. I mixed up the powdered ingredients and put into cute little plastic bags with a holiday print on them, then twist tied them (metallic red twist ties to stay in theme of course *grin*), and will print out instructions to attach to the bags. I personally would be irritated to get just one treatment in my stocking. I really that it sounds bratty, but it’s more of a desire to make sure I can duplicate the good results before I buy the replacement and stick with the line. It may not sound logical to people, but it’s my logic and I’m cool with that. *grin* In light of my own preferences I put a double batch in each bag. The customer just pours half out into a bowl, stirs in some milk to make the paste, and applies to cleansed skin. I’m going to put a little side bar on the instruction sheet. I personally couldn’t stand having it sit on my skin for a full fifteen minutes (supposedly that’s how long it takes for the ingredients to firm, tone, and soothe the skin, but seriously? That’s rather subjective in my opinion and I’m not going to listen to the governmental person that decided to tell crafters how long their customers should leave stuff on for. Buh.). I used it more as a thick scrub and decided to finish cleaning up, and then rinsed it off while I was all ready in the water. I’m going to mention that option. I did one side and not the other, and there was a true difference that could be felt. Not to mention that I loved smelling what is basically a mocha. Ohhhhh yeahhh. Okay, I’m done cheesing. Anyway, I was talking with my mom and she’s absolutely delighted to hear about this new product. She wants me to start with at least 6 bags at the event. Whatever doesn’t sell she’s going to buy for Christmas gifts. *grin* If they all sell, then I have to make another batch pronto. Lol. I absolutely love when people are excited about stuff that I make! It brings back that elation that I use to get from doing poetry readings and competitions, or when I did my artwork. It’s small, but you touch someone’s life, and have a good impact. That’s such an awesome gift for both people. I’m all ready blessed to know that you will be reading this and interested in my little adventures. *smile* On that note, I hope that you have such a blessing today!

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