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I got my card reader in the mail today (*sigh* yesterday really) and think it’s so cute. *grin* The only downside is that it doesn’t secure fully with my case on my iPhone, so I’ll have to remove my case for events. Meh. The coolest part was playing with the app. I have managed to refrain from messing with it until I connected the reader, since it is a plug and play device, and I’ve had issues with apps after jumping the gun. Anyway, I get the app and reader acquainted, then started to explore. I get to enter all of my product codes, descriptions, and prices, so that when I run a transaction I just select the items in the order. Love it!! I really dislike having to enter every detail on every line or not having the items listed, so this just tickles me happy. I all ready slid my credit card acceptance sticker into my tabletop frame with my collection agency’s sticker. I ~might~ be a little excited. *grin* So I’m doing a tedious task that I love – data entry. Lol. I figured I’d take a little break to post a few pics while playing Top Shot šŸ˜‰

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