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Awhile back I had excitedly found a plastic mold of fairy tale carriages. Unfortunately it’s a lollipop mold, so at the base of each is the space for a stick. I thought that if I made a blockage of playdoh at the base of each carriage, in the stick area, and let them fully dry for a few days, that it would solve the problem. Um, quite a bummer when I finally poured some soaps and sat down to bag them after they had set up. My soap was too hot in two of them and the playdoh actually melted a bit, then mixed into the bottom of the soap a bit. Although I had planned on shaving the little nub with my xacto knife, I ended up having to shave up the base a little to remove the doh. What a disappointment! My carriage bases have a belly button. Ugh! The third…*sigh* I’ll use to practice painting on I suppose. This must have been the first that I poured, the hottest, because I spotted thick spots of playdoh almost at the carriage door, when held to light. I guess that I’ll make the blocks further down and have a bit of extra waste to shave off. It sounds so simple, but when you have to measure so precisely and figure up costs per every milliliter, that makes me have to be more irritatingly precise than normal. *wrinkling nose* I’m all ready a bit of a stuffed shirt, so I hate to go even further in that direction. Lol. Anyway, that’s enough about my bummer. That is, until I post a pic of whatever horrid results of my first attempt at soap painting look like. *grin*

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