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Soap Experiments

I did a few experiments yesterday, but right before I was going to post them I developed a severe allergic reaction that landed me in the ER until midnight. The doctors aren’t sure if it was an antibiotic I was on or from touching a new plant yesterday. Thankfully we ruled out an allergy to any ingredients, which was a concern since I was making soaps when the reaction occurred. While I’m on bed rest with my epi pen beside me (and a probable beard brewing under my skin from all of these steroids lol), I want to share my pictures. *smile*

I’m not overly happy with the experiments with the decoration soaps, but it’s a learning process. I had some troubles “gluing” the decorations and my tremor resulted in a few wonky angles. Lol. My tremor was particularly strong because of the allergic reaction, but some is just part of my illness, so I’ll have to figure out how to work around that. I absolutely love the little button decorations no matter where they land on the soap though! *grin* No matter how I approached cutting the trims they were consistently uneven. Lol. So no judging on the odd lengths and overlaps, please.

20130407-165534.jpg An overall of the decoration experiments

20130407-165605.jpg A closer look at some of the trim and a button to top it off.

20130407-165644.jpg My favorite trim. I even cut one flower out to use as a decoration.

I also worked on a coffee loaf soap. The big base is a mixture of Coffee Beans FO and Hazelnut Cappuccino FO. Sadly the mouthwatering Hazelnut is so soft that I had to add the Coffee to boost it. The second layer is Coffee Beans with actual ground coffee, for a little bit of gentle exfoliation and texture, although the soap was a little too warm and melted into the bottom a bit, so I suspect there is some ground coffee down in the bottom. Topping it all off is some Buttercream soap frosting. I wanted it really frothy and wild, which took a lot longer than expected. I really like how it looks; the different colors, the wildness of the frosting, and the decadence of it. I am really looking forward to when the frosting is fully set and I can slice it. I think it’ll have more impact when laying down. I’m debating if I should add a dark drizzle, like when you get a mocha at Starbucks. Any thoughts?



20130407-170729.jpg The finished bar. Smells like morning 🙂

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