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One of the top items on my list is to find a better way of marketing. One part of that includes more efficient sampling. I’m a strong believer that if you try something, then you’re more likely to buy it. I found a little packet that can be sealed with a flat iron. It’s really cost effective, so I could easily budget a fairly high quantity of them. My business card can be stapled right onto the packets too. To open you just tear it open, like ripping open a hot cocoa packet.

The second option is the flip top jars that I used for the testers at my booth at the Christmas craft fair last year. These would be perfect because they’re resealable, transported easily even after being opened, and will hold the true scent well. They also look more professional in some ways.


Down side to the packets is that once they’re open, they’re open, because they’re not resealable, so the whole sample must be marketed right then. They’re cheaper to make though, so I can do a few of each for other moments of sampling.

Down side to the jars is that someone might like my product and walk off with the little jar, which has a bigger amount of sample in it. It also is a little more expected, I guess you could say. It says handmade lotion instead of high end sample. I don’t mind either of those impressions though, so it’s definitely not a con for either. Lol.

After looking over my lists over areas that I can improve marketing is one of the biggest and I think really doing a lot more sampling, not just my testers, will help. Maybe if I get a lot of samples in hands, like Avon or Mary Kay can, then maybe they’ll be able to see that my best items might compare to their favorites. Plus, the real samples will give true examples of my incredible scents instead of the unpredictable scent of a soaked cotton ball. A small sample of my bright and fresh summer scents might find their groove then. *grin*

Anyway, if you like one over the other, please post your vote in the comments. I appreciate any and all feedback. I want to tweak the business just right that my customers really like all aspects of it. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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