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My latest goodies

My flash sale goodies were delivered and I tell you that an outsider would have thought it was my birthday the way I oohed and aahed over the stuff. *grin* Larry was rather grumpy about lugging the huge box in, but that’s what a man’s there for, right? *teasing wink* I was able to restock some of the boring ingredients, but there were a few really fun items that I can’t wait to share.

First off, I must confess that as anti-girly as I can be, I love the color pink. Lol. I love almost all shades of it and in a few weeks we’re going to paint my walker hot pink. It’s sad and pathetic, isn’t it? *grin* Anyway, it’s rather hard to get a bright shade of pink in soap when you’re using regular dyes. Due to the incredible price I was able to afford to splurge on the wholesaler’s featured neon pink powdered dye. They say it won’t bleed or fade. Woohoo!
hot pink dye

The picture isn’t so great, but they had the orifice reducers in stock and I’m so excited to try it. (My phone’s camera is not focusing so well today *pout*) I didn’t twist the reducer in, since supposedly they won’t come back out, plus this helps you see how it works. It was a facepalming moment, but I admit that I hadn’t figured out how they’d stay in without having to change lids or get other attachments.

Orifice Reducers

Orifice Reducers

I’ve been looking forward to making the cocoa massage melts that I mentioned awhile back and decided to make it a lot easier on myself by getting beeswax in granules. I have a brick of beeswax, I admit, but I read that these are easier to measure and melt, so being the ingredient hoarder that I am, I ordered some to try. *grin* Sorry about the stripe of packaging in the picture, but the camera couldn’t focus on the beeswax, so I needed to help it focus. Aren’t they just so cute?



I have mixed feelings on the goldfish and small cello bags. Basically the goldfish will be embedded in “water” soap in the bag, then the bag gets a twist tie, just like when you win a fish at the fair. First off, the bags are way smaller than I thought. (Remember my previous confession – measurements and dimensions are totally lost on me. Lol.)I was concerned about how expensive the soaps would be because I thought there would be a lot of soap for the water, so being small will really help with that, but I’m not totally sure they will be big enough to actually remind people of the fair prizes. Second, the goldfish are not only pretty small, but those eyes are kind of creepy. *grin* Is it just me or do they seem like they’re bulging? It reminds me of that horrible golfish out of water commercial about asthma attacks that always made me want to put the tv in the water. (Hey, I never said all of my thoughts and compulsions made sense to anyone else!)



Fish in a bag

Fish in a bag

Next I get to discuss the new FOs. *rubbing hands together with glee*

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