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Sweet, Spicy, and Sexy

I’m really glad that you can’t see me when I’m writing posts.  Pajamas aside, I still sit and fiddle with each item like a kid with their new toy.  *grin*  I think I may have to see an addiction specialist at some point, since I huff FOs like a coke addict.  *cracking up*  This really has to be the last batch of new scents I buy because I am honestly out of space.  I have filled an entire shelf on my massive business stand.  I’ll never use all of these before they expire and that’s a lot of money sitting on one shelf!  I’m glad that I snuck these in before making that rule for myself.

One of my cats knocked over the bottle of Hot Stuff FO, so I’ve had 24 hours of it on my hands, always with me, blocking all other smells.  As horrible as that could be, it’s kind of like I’m draped all over some hot guy that spent some time making himself smell good before I came over to watch some movies.  (I miss those days sometimes.  Someone actually made an effort to rock my world then.  *grin*  I enjoy the freedom of a PJ filled existence, but when I try to go the extra mile, then I really want those sweet and sexy moments of dating that we took for granted.)  Back to our regularly scheduled program…this FO is so freaking sexy that it actually beats Edward’s Kiss.  I know, I’m shocked too!  *sassy wink*  There’s peppercorn, deep and heavy amber, a touch of cinnamon that you don’t often catch unless you’re really huffing (*looks out the window with an innocent look*), and the wholesaler lists a note of cashmere.  I admit that I have no idea what cashmere is suppose to smell like or really what it adds, but it sounds great.  Lol.  I would swear that there’s leather in it, but it may just be the amber.  I dabbed it on my dryer sheet and the laundry smells all sexy now.  *grin*

Oooh La La FO is the chocolate covered strawberries scent I told you about when I ordered it.  I’m not totally sold on this one, so I think I will make some soap and let them sit a few days, then see how it smells.  It’s really not much better than the version I came up with, which is rather disappointing.  It has that bottled, plastic flatness that I try to avoid.  I hope that the chocolate develops some richer notes as it sets in the products.  *crossing fingers*


Lastly I got Sugar & Spice FO.  I’m not really sure which, but this FO reminds me of another one.  It’s annoying the tarnation out of me that I can’t put my finger on it, but that’s life, right?  *smile*  It makes me think of the gourmet cotton candy that I’ve seen on Food Network (i.e. the food porn channel).  Overly sweet sugary goodness with a hint of spices.  The wholesaler lists coriander and cardamom, but my official description is spicy yumminess.  Lol.  It’s a fun scent, but not the ooey gooey umptiousness of the usual baking FOs that I gravitate to when I want a food scent.  There’s a slight impression of bright perfume, but that may change after it’s mixed into product bases. 

Overall I’m glad that I didn’t rush into these for Valentine’s Day, but I’m really happy with two of them.  The other is an opportunity to play mad scientist, I figure.  *grin*  For now I’ll enjoy sniffing the sugar and spice from one hand and the wanna-jump-him sexiness on the other.  😉

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